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In pairs or small groups, use a digital platform to role play different patient scenarios. Take it in turns to be ‘the nurse’ and ‘the patient’.


Focus: Using technology to deliver patient care.

Learning Outcome: To explore benefits and challenges of using digital platforms to interact with patients.

Task: In pairs or small groups, use a digital platform to role play different patient scenarios. Take it in turns to be ‘the nurse’ and ‘the patient’. After the role play, reflect together on both roles and consider the following:

Hearing from other people’s perspectives is a crucial part of reflecting, so please give your group members feedback following the roleplay.

Patient Scenarios:

On Blackboard, there are a range of patient scenarios to choose with instructions for each part. Use a different scenario for each role play within your group. Once your group have decided which scenarios to use, spend 30 minutes independently beforehand to prepare. You can expand on the situations drawing on your own experience. The advice that you give as the nurse does not have to be clinically correct, the learning here is about interacting over digital platforms.

Presentation; You can write notes, add images, upload files and record directly to the Padlet. Please include the following:


This scenario takes place between a Practice Nurse and a patient who has been monitoring their own blood pressure at home. The consultation takes place over the phone.

Decide if you will be the nurse or the patient and read through your notes to prepare for the role play

Practice Nurse

It is 2pm and you are reviewing patients who are monitoring their blood pressure at home. You have seen the results which come in automatically on the system. You will use the call to the patient to review:

• What the blood pressure readings have been over the last month

• How the patient has been managing with the blood pressure device

• How the patient is feeling in general


It is 2pm and you have been woken up from an afternoon sleep by the telephone. You were expecting the call in the morning as the nurse usually calls before lunch. This is the only contact with someone that you are expecting this week other than the shopping being delivered by a volunteer. Your hearing is impaired and you have recently lost one of your hearing aids. Your blood pressure has been stable, and the device seems to be working well. You have not been eating much as you used to go to the day centre for lunch and think that you may have lost weight, but you do not have scales at home.

Virtual Practice Learning Placement Experience Project


This scenario is a pre-assessment between a nurse working in the Surgical Assessment Unit and a patient who is due to have spinal surgery for chronic back pain. The consultation takes place using a video call.

Decide if you will be the nurse or the patient and read through your notes to prepare for the role play. ( I ACTED AS A NURSE)

Surgical Assessment Unit Nurse

You are completing the pre-assessments for the surgical lists taking place next week. The next appointment will be a video call and you are running 45 mins late. The aim of the pre-assessment is:

• To give information about what will happen on the day

• To check that the patient is currently well

• To answer any additional questions


You are waiting for your video call pre-assessment appointment. You are working at home and had scheduled your day around the appointment. However, the appointment is late and you have a work meeting starting in 10 minutes. Other than the back pain, you have been feeling well and are keen to have the surgery. You are not sure what to expect after the surgery and what kind of support you may need.

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