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In this assignment you are being asked to demonstrate your understanding of the various roles social workers take on during the middle phase of practice, the various skills required to implement these roles

This assignment revolves around the role and attitude of social workers during the middle phase practice. Along with it, you also have to describe the case situation of the agency you work for and its details, explain the target issue for work, evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention, etc. Moreover, you have to identify the middle phase skills and intervention roles during the interaction of the client.


In this assignment you are being asked to demonstrate your understanding of the various roles social workers take on during the middle phase of practice, the various skills required to implement these roles and a theoretical approach that informed your practice. Your understanding should be based on the material discussed in class, your intervention plan, as well as the required readings and any additional relevant readings you find from the literature. 
Using an individual, family or group from your agency that you chose at the beginning of the semester and have been working with, submit a process recording that demonstrates work from the middle phase of practice. In addition to the process recording itself, submit the following:
1. A brief description of the case situation: Include in this description the agency you work for and its mandates; who is the client and how they were referred; the presenting concerns; and other important information necessary to understand the case situation (e.g. demographics) 
2. A brief description of the target issue for work as agreed upon by the client, a description of your intervention plan including a description of the goals and objectives you and the client are working on at the time of this intervention, action plan and action steps (who will do what) with timeframe, etc. Include a brief description of your plan to evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention. In addition to what was indicated in the process recording, discuss what additional intervention roles and skills were employed in working towards the goal. Also include a brief description of the literature from professional sources on interventions and/or practice models that address the issue you and the client identified for work.
3. Identify the middle phase skills you were utilizing and intervention roles you engaged in as you interacted with the client (individual, family or group) during the session illustrated in the process recording. In addition, discuss the theoretical approach used .Examples of middle phase skills include rehearsing action steps (role playing), focusing, educating, reframing, modeling, confronting, etc.
4. This final portion of the paper is a critique of the role(s) performed and the middle phase skills utilized, the theoretical approach used as well as a critique of the capacity of the agency and community to facilitate or hinder the intervention plan.
a. Include in your critique both what you think you did well, and what you could have done differently. In your critique also address the appropriateness of your intervention in relation to the goals and objectives, and the appropriateness of your evaluation plan. 
b. Identify any agency policies or practices and/or community resources that facilitated or hindered your intervention. What changes would you recommend so that the agency or community could better support the intervention plan and client goal? For example, what change would you recommend in agency policy or practice that would promote sustainable change in service delivery?
c. In your critique cite literature sources that support your arguments from the required readings for this course and from the additional reading you have identified through the literature search. APA reference style should be used throughout. 

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