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Indigenous Education Professional Portfolio

Indigenous Education Professional Portfolio

Type: Portfolio
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Assessment task two (3000 words)


Assessment task two requires you to develop a professional portfolio, which will allow you demonstrate your understanding of the field of Indigenous education and connect it to your professional context. You will also demonstrate your ability to embed Indigenous knowledges and perspectives in your curriculum area and discuss the theories, literature and policy that inform how and why teachers play an important role in shaping social and political discourse in Indigenous education.

Australian history and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are not fully inlcuded in national and international curriculum as yet. For this reason, there is often gaps for people in having this undertanding. The future professional development plan allows you to plan for self directed future professional development that is relevant for your context.

There are three parts to your professional portfolio. In all sections, you are required to use scholarly sources (using APA) and refer to Indigenous education policy, relevant theories and literature to support the development of your portfolio.


Part A (500 words)

Professional statement

You will write a professional statement outlining your intent to address the inclusion of Indigenous knowledges, histories and cultures in your future professional field. The statement can be added to your professional portfolio and can be written in first person. Your statement may include:

  • Reference to Indigenous education policy, the Australia Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Curriculum
  • Your professional values
  • Reference to reconciliation
  • Theories and literature that have influenced your theories
  • Reference to Indigenous aspirations in education


Part B (2000 words)

Lesson plans and rationale

You will develop two lesson plans that clearly demonstrate your ability to embed Indigenous Australian knowledges and perspectives into curriculum. The lesson plan may be developed around training sessions in your profession or information sessions for international students who want to undertake study in Australia to prepare and inform candidates about Australian history and learning about Indigenous Australia.

  • Learning objectives
  • Target audience
  • Key learning area
  • Time frame
  • Pedagogical adjustments
  • Indigenous material and resources used (with evidence of rigorous selection of the type of resources used)
  • Mechanisms for evaluation of the lesson



The rationale will address the reasons why it is important for your colleagues to be capable and confident in addressing issues in Indigenous education, including engaging effectively and collaboratively with Indigenous students, families and communities, embedding Indigenous perspectives and potentially how to teach Indigenous students. Or if your lesson plans are targeted to international students who are applying to undertake study in Australia, please write your rationale around why it is important for students coming from other countries to understand Indigenous histories, cultures and protocols.

This rationale will be written in third person and will reference scholarly sources only. This can include policy documents and peer reviewed literature. In the rationale, you will need to address:

  • Why it is important for colleagues or future international students to know about Indigenous history, peoples and cultures and how to include it in their practice
  • How theories can assist in addressing the issues
  • How embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives addresses issues in Indigenous education and broader social issues
  • Why it is important for professionals to engage and work in partnership with Indigenous peoples and communities


Part C (500 words)

Indigenous Education professional development

The professional development plan can be written in first person. This section is designed to allow you to self-assess gaps that might still exist in your understanding of Australian histories, your culture and standpoint, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories and Indigenous education frameworks and approaches. You may identify materials from a range of sources including:

  • Indigenous community events and organisations
  • Professional development sessions
  • Books
  • Web based resources
  • Documentaries

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