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International Trade: policy implications on economic development, international conflicts, and innovation

International Trade Report (individual coursework)

Word limit: 1100 words [without Cover page & Executive Summary & Table of Contents & Tables & References & Appendices]


Country: cross-country analysis;

Regional: geographic regions or trading blocks;

Time: longitudinal or time-series data

General topic: ! International Trade: policy implications on economic development, international conflicts, and innovation

Topic: International Trade: policy implications for economic development, international conflicts, and innovation.

A) Conceptual critique: Review and critically examine the main international trade theories, both classical and modern, in the context of the trade patterns of a country of your choosing. Demonstrate that you understand the theoretical basis of each theory and explain the reasoning which leads to the predictions they make. How valid are these theoretical predictions in the light of the data evidence on the trade patterns of your selected country? What arethe limitations, if any, of each theory you are evaluating?

B) Data evidence: Collect the data on trade flows of your selected country, covering several of the most recent years and any important historical periods related to trade policy changes in your country. Critically evaluate the data evidence on the trade composition identifying strategic industries and goods (or services), which contribute most to the economic development of your country. How did the financial crisis affect the trade flows of your country? Has the involvement in international trade generated efficiency gains for your country?

C) Policy analysis: Investigate the trade policies implemented by your country over the period of time which you set up for your trade data analysis in part B. Evaluate the impact of the current trade policy on (1) economic growth, linking back to your analysis of export-led growth (part B), and (2) either (a) the distribution of wealth in your country, (b) its involvement in international conflicts, or (c) the concentration of innovation in your country.

Structure of your IT Report:

1. Cover page

2. Table of contents

3. Executive summary [5 marks]

4. Introduction: country development context [5 marks]

5. Analysis of trade data and policies [70 marks], including:

Part A [20 marks]

Part B [25 marks]

Part C [25 marks]

6. Conclusion: policy recommendations [10 marks]

7. References

8. Appendices ! Professional presentation: 10 marks are allocated on the data visualisations and overall design of your policy report.

General criteria: develop a trade policy report for a chosen country 1) Select a real country and a regional/trading block. The main objective of this report is to select a country and investigate its involvement in international trade (comparative to a regional or trading block) and the efficiency of its trade policies. Each part (A, B, and C) should be focusedon the analysisof the same country. 2) IT concepts: validate the international trade theories against the evidence from the country of your choice. It is also important to evaluate which international trade theories (classic or modern) may explain the trade patterns in this particularcountry more effectively. 3) IT data: perform the analysis of international trade patterns of your country. Perform the analysisof time-series trade data (trade flows and structure) for the selectedcountry. 4) IT policies: evaluate the trade policies of your country and develop policy recommendations. Your report should be focused on the analysis of implications of the trade policies of your selected country and developingrecommendations for its trade policies. Remember your audience: you are writing a report (not an essay!) for policy-makersor international organisations

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