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Interpret simple demographic and epidemiological data and statistics - Develop a personal health profile for an individual that you do not know, living in a local community in UK


This is a written essay. You will develop a health profile of an individual whom you do not know, living in a local community in the UK. You will need to discuss what health and wellbeing aspects you would measure and include in the individual person’s health profile using key questionnaires and questions to understand the individual’s current level of health and well being; health risks they have and briefly discuss what population screening program they could have/opt for.

          Weighting: 90%
          Word count: 2000 words excluding references.

The assignment is not about clinical or medical tests or check-ups such as blood pressure, blood tests or other types of clinical tests that are only conducted by doctors, nurses and other clinical professionals.  

Summative essay guidance


Core text: This is only for guidance. The bullet points are provided as different pointers to consider whilst developing your essay. You can order bullet points/sections and add more in the way of your understanding and for clarity of your writing on your chosen topic.


Learning Outcomes: please ensure your essay meets all learning outcomes:


  1. Interpret simple demographic and epidemiological data and statistics
  2. Identify indicators for health and disease
  3. Assess health data to identify health risk and trends in individuals or populations
  4. Understand the principles of health screening including the possible benefits or harm of the screening process, as related to the delivery of health promotion and public health.

Aim: Develop a personal health profile for an individual that you do not know, living in a local community in UK.
(Describe and discuss what measures you would include in an individual person’s health profile that would help you understand their current level of health and wellbeing; the health risks that they have; and briefly what health screening they could have based on their health status).


Introduction – approx. 200 words
• Describe what will you do in your essay and why

o Discuss why measuring the health of an individual is important from a public health and health promotion point of view.
o Identifybrieflytheindividualthatwillbethefocusofyouressay.
o Outline what issues you will be discussing in the essay e.g. the measures you will discuss, the types of health risks to the individual,

Background (sources and evidence must be cited)- approx. 550 words

  • Discuss what ‘measuring health’ means, and different ways in which health can be measured.
  • Provide definitions of health . Discuss the definition of health as stated by the World Health Organization as your starting point for ‘measuring health’. Describe why all categories/dimension of health are important. [LO2 and LO3
  • Identify and describe some demographic and epidemiological statistics around the three broad categories health in relation to health risks to

your individual , For example-( if that person smokes- what are the health risks for example lung cancer, what are the figures for lung cancer for people in that category (demographics) who smoke . How many people developed lung cancer in that category because of smoking) . [LO1, LO2 and LO3]


Body of Essay/Main Section (sources and evidence must be cited)- Please develop your own subheadings. You can use more than one subheading. Approx.1050 words

IMPORTANT: As suggested in the ‘Background’ section in this section divide your discussion into first physical health, then mental health (including wellbeing) and then social health measures. Do not go from one physical to one mental to one social and back and forth. This will confuse the reader and will more likely mean that you miss an important measure in each category.

IMPORTANT: Do not give a list, make sure the measures are appropriate to a young adult (20-35 years), older adult (35-55 years), older person (55 years plus) that you have chosen.

  • Identify and discuss demographic (age, sex, ethnicity, employment status, educational achievement, where they live) data that can help to inform you and your colleagues about your INDIVIDUAL’S current health and wellbeing status. (Provide a general health profile of the individual) . [LO1]
  • Identify and discuss what health and wellbeing data would you collect about the INDIVIDUAL using the questionnaire (5-6 ques/each category) and why you would collect it, i.e. what would it tell public health professional who want to know about their physical health (height; weight; BMI, lifestyle and information on diet, smoking, drinking and so on); mental health (how satisfied they are with their life, whether they have been feeling happy or unhappy); social health (hobbies, outside interests, what family and friend networks/support they have and so on). [LO2]
  • Identify and discuss what the above data and information could tell us about the current health risks that your INDIVIDUAL has. For example. not eating fruit and vegetable or not engaging in physical activity to Public Health England recommended guidelines and other UK/WHO recommended interventions. Who could you signpost/refer them for further advice. Think beyond GP. [LO3]
  • Define and discuss what population health screening is and its general advantages and disadvantages (its benefits and its potential to cause harm). [LO4]. (Give one or two examples of population health screening programs)
  • Discuss what screening you would suggest or advise for your INDIVIDUAL based on their health profile and risk factors and who would you signpost them to for further advice. [LO3 and LO4]

Conclusion (sources and evidence can be cited where appropriate) - approx. 200 words • Wrap up your discussion with some thoughts about:

Briefly discuss what the strengths and weaknesses are the way you measured the individual’s health e.g .what is good and not so good about using questionnaires. [LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4]

References: (no word limit/count)

• Ensure referencing and in-text citation follows Cite Them Right Online recommendations for Harvard-style referencing. Use the short guide to referencing found on the Module Blackboard site.

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