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K1. An understanding of the key principles of human resource management and specifically the human resource cycle.

Introduction to Human Resource Management &Learning and Talent

Learning outcomes

K1. An understanding of the key principles of human resource management and specifically the human resource cycle.

K2. An understanding of how an employee is affected by each part of the human resource cycle.

K3. How an organisation operates its human resource policies, procedure and practice and both nationally and internationally. Skills

S1. The ability to research, analyse and present organisational information taken from academic models and their applicability/ transferability to different workplace contexts.


This assessment requires you to work in small groups to:-

1. Research and discuss the process of recruitment and selection within an organisation of your choice. Consider and make reference to its strategy, policy and operational practices.

2. Once you have researched your company you are then required to compare the organizations’ practices with the ‘good’ practices and academic models from the literature.

3. Prepare a 15 minute presentation to share your findings with the rest of the group. Marks are awarded for the following,

a. A professional presentation where all group members participate

b. Clear understanding of what is meant by ‘recruitment and selection’

c. Clear demonstration of the importance of acquisition and its role in the HR cycle.

d. Outline of the organisation strategy, policy and operational practices compared with the best practice identified in the literature.

e. Strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for improvement

Task 2 Case Study - Mother London It is important, that you share your knowledge and application of the approaches companies can use to strategically manage their Human Resources. You will apply your knowledge and understanding of SHRM to produce a 2000 word report [+/- 10%] in which you will critically analyse and evaluate HRM literature, theories, models and practices and make references to contemporary journal. Your report must answer the following questions:

a) Explain the role of HR practices in supporting the different forms of capital and how these have contributed to the success of Mother. Discuss any potential drawbacks with Mother’s approach to recruitment.

b) Evaluate the HR practices implemented at Mother with the theoretical perspectives of SHRM. (A minimum of two will be expected). A discussion about the link between the business strategy and HR strategy will also be expected.

c) Illustrate with examples key legislation and areas for consideration in recruitment and selection that might affect Mother in a country of your choice (apart from the UK).

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