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K1 The ability to identify key challenges relating to business responsibility and sustainability.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated:


K1 The ability to identify key challenges relating to business responsibility and sustainability.

K2 The ability to examine and analyse the moral considerations generated by contemporary business behaviour.

K3 The ability to consider the extent of responsibilities that businesses have in developing their activities internationally in countries across the world.


S1 The ability to utilise the cognitive skills of critical thinking - explanation, analysis and judgement.

S2 The ability to conduct effective independent research using a variety of information sources.

S3 The ability to identify, formulate and present a set of recommendations that address a relevant business issue.


Choose ONE of the following sectors as your focus and discuss how a business sector can demonstrate its responsibilities in a global context today. This assignment is entirely secondary information based and as such you are not required to conduct any primary research.

1 The Clothing Industry

2 The Banking Industry

3 The Food Industry

4 Technology Industry i.e. Social media/Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Your report should attempt the tasks below. It should provide examples drawn from the sector as a whole and specific firms within it to support your arguments. Your discussion should provide a good balance between theory and practice and use relevant references.

1. Examine and discuss the key challenges relating to corporate responsibility and sustainability relating to your chosen sector.

2. Analyse and explain what you consider to be `best practice` within the sector, making references to ethical and moral issues.

3. Make recommendations for businesses in the sector to show they are being more responsible by taking into account global considerations.

Your report should be typed, double-spaced and no more than 3000 words in length excluding appendices. You must acknowledge your sources of information and evidence, using the Harvard referencing system. An electronic copy of the assignment should be submitted to the UGB264 module site on Canvas

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