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K1. Understanding of theories and conceptual frameworks regarding the discipline of ‘Management’

UGB261 Management Thought and Practices

Learning outcomes Knowledge and Understanding

K1. Understanding of theories and conceptual frameworks regarding the discipline of ‘Management’

K2. A detailed and critical awareness of a variety of ideas and contexts around Management functions skills

S1. An ability to identify appropriate solutions to Management issues

Task Case Study- Allstyles department stores

Rebecca’s working day is most times busy and varied. She had recently been appointed as General Manager of the Allstyles department stores. This was a large shop in the city Centre. It had ten departments selling a wide range of products from men’ to women’s cloths to carpet, furniture and electrical goods. A film crew from the local TV company had asked if they could film a typical working day for a programme they were making about different peoples working lives. Rebeca agreed and the ten minute programme used six different clips of the film with Rebecca involved in the following activities

1. Meeting with all departmental managers to explain the stores pricing and promotional strategy for the next end of season sale’. At the meeting she expected all managers to inform staff of the price reduction allowed and the way in which goods should be presented in the sales so that the consumers would have a clear message about the promotion.

2. Attending a planning meeting with senior executives from head office to agree to the sales target for the store for the next 12 months. Rebecca explained that the opening of the competitors store very close to hers was a factor that should be taken into account.

3. Present three shop workers with Reach for the stars badges for outstanding sales record over the last month. She had her picture taken with them for publication in the stores internal news paper.

4. Reviewing the poor performance of the electrical products division with the manager. Poor staff absence figures had contributed to this problem and Rebecca suggested that the manager should attend the additional training sessions on staff motivation and monitoring of staff performance.

5. Meeting with builders, architects, and planners to discuss progress on the new store extension. Rebecca was concern that they were not working closely enough and the project could fall behind schedule.

6. Settling a dispute between two departmental managers over which department should be able to stock new electronic exercise bicycle sport and electrical goods? It was agreed that it could not appear in both because of the lack of space, so sports would stock it for six months next to the gym equipment. Sales would be monitored closely and if it did not do well then relocation might be possible


1. What management functions and or roles did Rebecca perform in the case and why is it important for Allstyles department store and businesses alike. (45 Marks)

2. Identify and discuss two management theories that are applicable to this case (Allstyles department store with appropriate academic references. (40 Marks)

Structure: A clear introduction, main body using relevant headings and sub-headings and conclusion. Edited for grammar and spelling errors. Employs the appropriate style (Font size 12, 1.5 spacing) and academic writing skills (including the use of Harvard referencing style) (15 Marks). The report must be fully Harvard referenced and make use of appendices material where appropriate. Assessment Regulations For further information regarding Assessment Regulations, extenuating circumstances or extensions and academic integrity, please refer to your Programme Handbook on the University of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas

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