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LO1: Demonstrate an understanding of ways an organisation can nurture excellent service delivery and innovation.



FdA in Hospitality Management


Customer Service




January 2020/ Autumn 2020








Individual essay


Customer Service











Learning Outcomes Covered:

LO1: Demonstrate an understanding of ways an organisation can nurture excellent service delivery and innovation.

LO3: Analyse the development of a customer-focused service as part of an organisation’s culture and strategy.

Maximum word length:                               2,000 words

Assessment Descriptions:

This assessment is an individual essay writing with a maximum word limit of 2,000 words plus or minus 10%. Words in tables, diagrams and appendices including reference lists will not be counted. Students should note that there may be penalties for assessment work which are over or under permitted word count.

Assessment Submission Guidance:

Students should provide a completed assignment cover sheet with all the essential details (including module details, student name and ID number. All assignments should be submitted in electronic format via college systems on or before the submission deadline. The e-submission system will not allow late submissions. Students should upload his/her individual report to Turnitin for checking and submission.

Assessment Aim:

The aim of this assessment is to assess the outcome of students’ learning, and their understanding of customer service practices, service quality, service guarantees and complaint handling in hospitality organisations, and ways in which hospitality organisations can nurture excellent service delivery and innovation and develop a customer-focused service as part of an organisation’s culture and strategy.

The student is expected to evidence research and analysis commensurate with this level 4 degree.

Assessment Scenario:

You are to select a reputed hotel in London and agree your choice with your module lecturer. You are to assume the role of a recently appointed Guest Relation Manager. In your interview for the job the Hotel General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources and Front of House Manager mentioned that recently the hotel has received numerous bad customer service-related complaints through different social media, including TripAdvisor. In TripAdvisor, the hotel’s ranking was over 1000 in 2020. Also, the hotel occupancy reduced as per forecasted in the year of 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, as well experiencing a severe reduction in repeat guests, compared to previous years.

The Hotel General Manager requested that you reorganise the Guest Relations Departments with the recruitment of another four Guest Relations Officers. Overall, you will oversee the hotel’s Guest Relations Department, and you will report to the Front of House Manager.

As objectives for your new department the GM would like to see all the regular guest are back to the hotel, an increase in positive feedback from guests especially on social media plus the hotel’s TripAdvisor ranking to improve to be within 100  

In order to achieve these objectives, the General Manager has requested that you carry out comparative research against another leading competitor hotel in London with a higher Trip Advisor ranking and produce an essay setting out your findings and recommendations.

Assessment Questions:

Select two reputable London hotels, one that you will assume the role of Guest Relations Manager, and the other that you will use in your comparative study and agree your selection with your lecturer.

It is important that your choice of hotels operate a Guest Relations Department or another department to supervise and manage the organisation`s customer services policies and procedures, and service quality etc.

Undertake research into your chosen hotels with respect to their management of customer services, complaints, service quality and how they develop a customer-focused service as part of the organisation’s culture and strategy.

Produce a 2,000-word essay setting out your findings and conclusions from your research of your chosen hotels and specifically addressing and illustrating the following topics.

1: Identify and compare the two hotel’s customer service practices and policies and service quality vision. (LO1) - 30 marks

2: Identify and compare the two hotel’s service guarantees and complaint handling procedures. (LO1) - 30 marks

3: Recommend on the development for appropriate customer focused services to improve guest satisfaction for the hotel in which you are the Guest Relations Manager, and how this can become part of the hotel’s culture and strategy. (LO3)- (30 marks)      

Note: 10% of the marks will be allocated for report style and presentation including spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

Assessment Format Guidance

Title page - The details of the Module, student name and ID number.

Contents page - Should be provided with page numbers.

Introduction - The background, the context and the aim of the report. Starts on Page

Key Sections - As many as necessary in line with the assessment questions.

Summary and Conclusion - Overall findings of the investigation: the overall picture that has emerged and the implications.

References - Identification of literature and other sources used and referred to in the text. Ensure that all references are quoted at the end of any quotations, definitions and web-sourced materials.

Submission of a report without references will not be allowed.

Your answer must begin with the first learning outcome of this customer service assessment which is 1: Identify and compare the two hotel’s customer service practices and policies and service quality vision

*Do not provide appendices, unless asked by the tutor/research supervisor.

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