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LO1: Develop advanced knowledge and understanding on key theories, models and framework of financial management and identify main factors influencing financial management and investment decision making processes

Module title: Financial Management and Entrepreneurship (FME)

Learning Outcomes tested

(from module syllabus)

LO1: Develop advanced knowledge and understanding on key theories, models and framework of financial management and identify main factors influencing financial management and investment decision making processes

LO2: Effectively interpret and analyse financial report and data to form critical judgement and develop effective solutions to solve financial problems confronting business enterprises, particularly problems relating to corporate investment, asset management and financing decisions

LO3: Comprehend complex data and interpret strategic implications underpinning the financial report and formulate informed decision makings for the organizations.

LO4: Define and identify the concept of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurism, and key models of new venture creation.

LO5: Evaluate and critically analyse the relationships between knowledge, entrepreneurship and new venture development and complex factors which contribute to the new business development within the national and international context.

LO6: Apply models for the screening of new ventures/opportunities to live start-up concepts and ideas, and subsequently develop a live case business plan suitable for presentation to investors and industry participants.


Choose any two competing companies that are listed on a stock exchange around the world (example, the London Stock Exchange) and compare their financial performance for the past five years. Your chosen companies must be comparable in size and operate in one of the following industries:  Food & Beverages, Hotel & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Telecommunications and Utilities.


Note: Agree on your choice of companies with your Lecturer at least four (4) weeks before the Assignment submission date.


Obtain the annual reports for your chosen companies, for the last FIVE years, from their websites or other credible sources.


  1. Write an introductory report on the activities of your chosen companies and their position in the industry.


  1. Critically compare and analyse the financial performance of the two companies over the last FIVE years. Relating to each category of ratios, which company has performed better? Overall, which company is better managed. Explain the reasons for those assertions.


  1. Based on your analysis, identify any strategic and operational issues that need to be addressed by the companies and make appropriate recommendations with justifications.


  1. Explain clearly any problems, limitations and assumptions that you need to make to address the above tasks
Task 2

Choose a company of your choice that intends to internationalise their operations. Write a report to recommend the internationalisation strategy(s) that will work for the expansion of their operations.


Note: the chosen company should be agreed upon with your Lecturer.


To complete the tasks, you should address the following:


  1. Write a brief overview of the company, covering their historical development and current market context.


  1. Analyse the new market environment, conduct marketing research, value chain analysis and identify key factors that impact on the promotion of the selected new product.


  1. Explain the new product’s unique positioning on the market.                                              
  2. Critically analyse the financial resources that are required to support the development of the product and its introduction to the new market entry.


  1. Explain the appropriate market entry strategy for the internationalisation of your chosen company.


Critically evaluate the potential risks for the proposed business idea and how those could be managed.

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