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LO1 Discuss the terminology used in construction technology.

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1 Discuss the terminology used in construction technology.

LO2 Describe the different techniques used to construct a range of substructures and superstructures, including their function and design selection criteria.

LO3 Identify the different types of civil engineering infrastructure technology used in support of buildings.

LO4 Illustrate the supply and distribution of a range of building services and how they are accommodated within the building.

Assignment Brief and Guidance


You have been appointed to prepare an initial conceptual design and implementation report on a Hotel building complex near the motorway that links an international airport in the UK, Heathrow to the specific. The site is separated from the motorway by a large fast flowing Stream that flows parallel to the motorway and finally finds its way into the River Thames .This Stream which is about 10m wide lies in the middle (that is midway) of the one kilometre land space between the chosen Hotel Complex site and the motorway. The Client who is a private investor needs a five storey framed Hotel building(s) to accommodate 200 guests and is proposed together with some inter-connecting Infrastructure with the Motorway which is not only necessary but required as a key element of the project; the building frame provides the structure for a series of high specification living hotel rooms and suites that are intended to be built in the south of England, around Heathrow Airport. The Hotel complex can be developed with steel or concrete or a combination of both. The access infrastructure road can be flexible or rigid and the bridge across the stream and the walkway across the motorway can be made of either RC concrete or steel, all in line with your choices. Produce a conceptual design Report, which should consider the terminology, functional requirements and design selection criteria for different elements of typical commercial building. (Scenario provided). It should take into account of the following for the given scenario, within a sustainable context in construction and the built environment.

Task 1 Introduction

 Describe the differences between residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

 Discuss the ways in which sustainability can be promoted in building projects.

 Apply the terminology used in construction technology to a given building constructionproject.

Task 2


This should consider the following.

 Pre-design studies to be carried out and the type of information to be collated in order to design the most suitable foundation type for different types of structures.

 The construction of different types of foundations and their suitability for use with different types of structures.

 How site information impact on foundation design

Task 3 Superstructures This report should consider the following elements of the superstructure:

 Walls

 Roofs

 Floors – ground and intermediate

 Windows and doors

 Staircases

 Finishes The report should consider the

 Description of the functional characteristics of each of the above elements and the design selection criteria for their use.

 Describe the pre-design studies carried out and types of information collected for a given construction site.

 Illustrate how the component parts of an element allow it to fulfil itsfunction.

 Compare different types of structural frame used to carry the primary and secondary elements of the superstructure.

Task 4

Civil Engineering Infrastructure The report should address the Civil Engineering Infrastructure required for the current scenario.

It should

 Describe the techniques used for remediating the site prior to construction commencing.

 Discuss the types of substructure works required for the infrastructures.

 Identify superstructure, substructure and civil engineering structures necessary for a given building construction project.

Task 5 Building Services. The report should clearly identify the building services required for the current scenario. You should

 Describe the supply arrangements for primary services.

 Explain the distribution arrangements for primary services

 Demonstrate the elements of the superstructure used to facilitate the primary services.

 Appraise how the distribution of the primary services impact on the overall design of the building

The report should contain diagrams to illustrate the content. It should to be indexed with a checklist for use by technicians when carrying out design considerations. You should clearly identify the superstructure, substructure, civil engineering structures and Building services necessary for a given building construction project. Discuss the ways in which sustainability can be achieved for the given project in your report.

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