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LO1 Explain server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites.

LO1 Explain server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites.

LO2 Categorise website technologies, tools and software used to develop websites.

LO3 Utilise website technologies, tools and techniques with good design principles to create a multipage website.

LO4 Create and use a test plan to review the performance and design of a multipage website.

Assignment Brief

You have been tasked with creating a personal portfolio website with a view to showing potential employers your own skills achievements and proficiencies. You should promote yourself through inclusion of your curriculum vitae.

You will need to Produce the following: Design document You need to create a design document that will incorporate all of your work on web design make sure you include:

• Detailed client and user requirements

• Logo designs and branding

• Wire-frame sketches of your websites design and flow

• Wix website prototype link

• Any Project management such as SWOT analysis, Gantt chart, mind view

• Test plan and analysis and results P5 Build the website Use your design document with appropriate principles, standards and guidelines to produce a branded, multipage (5 pages) website supported with realistic content. Use HTML and CSS to achieve your design.

P6 DNS report Write a short report on Domain name service (DNS), identify the purpose and different types of DNS with explanations references and diagrams. Also, explain how domain names are organized and managed. Remember try to use multiple sources of information and reference any diagrams you have used. P1 Web technologies report

1) Explain the purpose and relationships between

• communication protocols

• server hardware

• operating systems

• web server software Discuss how each of these effect designing publishing and accessing a website.

P2 Include analysis of how search engines effect a websites performance and how you could improve a websites index value and rank through search engine optimisation techniques.

M2 2) Discuss the capabilities and relationships between front and back end website technologies and explain how these relate to presentation and application layers. Make sure to use correct referencing where appropriate.

P3 You may want to Evaluate the impact of common web development technologies and frameworks with regards to website design, functionality and management M1 Test Plan You will need to create a test plan identifying key performance areas and use it review the functionality and performance of your website. Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies.

P7 You will need to create a questionnaire and allow your peers to test and give feedback on your website for your evaluation. You will evaluate the Quality Assurance (QA) Process and review how it was implemented during the use of your design and development methodology.

M5 Critically evaluate the results of your Test Plan and include a review of the overall success of your multipage website; use this evaluation to explain any areas of success and provide justified recommendations for areas that require improvement.

D3 Evaluation Write a comprehensive evaluation of your project. Within you evaluation you will be testing and critically reviewing your own and others websites and giving feedback. Evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements. Within your evaluation discuss the differences between online website creation tools (such as wix or wordpress) and custom built sites with regards to:

• Design flexibility

• Performance

• Functionality

• User experience (UX)

• User interface (UI) P4 Include an evaluation of a range of tools and techniques available to design and develop a custom built website and how these differ ie. (wix, wordpress, dreamweaver, notepad, notepad++)

M3 Write a justification of your choice of the tools and techniques chosen to build your custom website.

D1 Evaluation of design doc vs website compare and contrast your webpage to your design documentation, wireframes prototype etc.

M4 Critically evaluate the design and development process against your design document and analyse any technical challenges. D2

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