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LO1: Understand how personal values and principles influence individual contributions to work in health and social care settings

Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care (L4)

Task 1 (LO2) Essential Criteria (Evidence for Portfolio):

1. Log sheet (200 hours)

2. Signed /stamp/The work experience learning agreement

3. Work experience Self-Evaluation

4. Your current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

5. DBS 6. Training Certificates from work on professional development

7. Reflection on training courses undertaken over 200 hours

8. Health and Safety Induction

Task 2

(LO2): Portfolio

Task 1. Task A SWOT (Reflective Analysis)

2.Task B Learning Style

3.[Task C Holistic Review, Action Plan and Review of Progress 

LO1: Understand how personal values and principles influence individual contributions to work in health and social care settings

LO1A. Compare personal values and principles in health and social care and compare them with the principles of support for working in health and social care such as (dignity, respect, confidentiality, choice, privacy, independence etc.). To further support your answer, you can incorporate your own health and social care workplace experience. [P1.1]

LO1B. You must assess how personal culture and experience influence own role in supporting users of services and others in health and social care settings. Here again, you can support your answers by using examples from your own relevant health and social care work experience [P1.2]

LO1C. Finally, in your essayyou must discuss how new developments (i.e. new legislations; new priorities; new targets; new research; codes of practice) and changes to personal values can impact on work in health and social care. You must take into consideration when discussing your answers to include how you would overcome tensions and conflict and principles of good practice in relation to your own personal values.

LO3: Understand the application of principles of professional engagement with users of health and social care

Case Scenario The borough of Trafford was experiencing significant delays in home care providers responding to requests to provide multiple care visits for clients. This was resulting in significant numbers of delayed transfers of care and sometimes meant that older people were staying in a hospital bed longer than necessary. Stabilise and Make Safe (SAMS) is a short-term intervention designed to increase a person’s chance of long term independence following hospitalisation or a community referral. It is limited to six. A social worker, you will carry out statutory assessment at the start of the intervention and a follow up assessment at the end to measure outcomes (level of independence achieved).

Trafford Council now intends to trial this model for people using existing packages of care, in addition to new referrals. It is currently establishing an approach with providers to design flow and remuneration. The impact of Stabilise and Make Safe (SAMS) is as follows:

  • 70 per cent of people achieving full independence. 10 per cent remaining the same, 10 per cent resulting in an increase in the care package and 10 per cent failing to complete (usually due to readmittance to hospital)
  • Reduced length of stay in hospital, preventing the risk of infection and/or loss of skills
  • Greater independence and confidence
  • Improved responsiveness – service accessed within 1–3 days of referral
  • £1 million net savings in the first year (estimated).

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