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LO2 Describe key legislation, national and organisational policy of fundamental importance to the health, care or support service practitioner.

This task is about exploring law and policy and then applying it to a healthcare practice setting. You are to prepare a clear and succinct leaflet (A4 paper) for inclusion in an induction pack for new healthcare practitioners (for example Care/Support Workers) on how the national government and the structures within, impact on the work of healthcare support workers. The relationship between ethics in practice and national and local structures of governance within which healthcare practitioners operate must be considered.

You are required to produce a leaflet (A4 paper) explaining the roles of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary in the UK system of government. The leaflet should be word processed and may contain tables, charts and illustrations to emphasise your points. Within the leaflet (A4 paper), you should evaluate the way these elements of the UK system of government shape and effect the provision of healthcare services in your workplace. Finally, the leaflet will explain, at an appropriate point, the key features of legislation, statutory guidance, codes of practice, and national and organisational policy.

You must provide accurate examples of each of these, related to a broad area of healthcare practice. Your leaflet (A4 paper) will provide more specific and evaluative examples (some of which must be drawn from your own experience) of how these operate in terms of ensuring ethical practice, taking into consideration the impact on healthcare practitioners.

Overall, the leaflet should have flow and continuity, and be suitable for inclusion into an induction pack for new assistant healthcare practitioners.

The leaflet should be no more than four sides of A4 paper and can contain a mixture of text and relevant diagrams and illustrations.

This submission will take the form of observation, activity and a reflection of observation of your practice in placement.

LO2 Describe key legislation, national and organisational policy of fundamental importance to the health, care or support service practitioner.

This task requires that you analyse and critically review how specific law, policy and standards regarding equality, safeguarding of service users and health and safety shape and guide ethical practice in your (or other Healthcare) workplace setting. You should give practical examples of this in sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding of law, policy and professional standards in ethical healthcare practice. (900 words)

LO3 Interpret the law in relation to key ethical and professional Practice Themes in health and social care

To complete this, you are required to identify and observe how legislation, policy and standards regarding equality and safeguarding are implemented in practice, and the challenges practitioners face in carrying out their role ethically and efficiently, whilst ensuring these governing aspects of their practice are adhered to. You need to look at the challenges faced by practitioners in ensuring legislation, policy and professional standards are adhered to when ensuring the fair treatment and safeguarding of service users in their day-to-day tasks. (800 words)

LO4 Apply law and policy in line with regulatory and ethical requirements in a relevant practice setting.

You are required to engage in a workplace that provides healthcare to individuals. As part of your experience, you are required to include notes on the integration and influence of national and international human rights law in terms of the practical ways you are expected to ensure the equal and fair treatment of the individuals you are supporting. Your work should also relate national healthcare legislation and policy to your duties and responsibilities whilst you are providing this support, including your rights as a healthcare worker.

You will focus on reflections on your practice, and that of others. Include:

• A practical analysis of the impact of equality legislation, policy and the notion of equity on the practice of safeguarding individuals in health, care or support services. Ensure currency and compliance with relevant legislation and national policy through ethical practice, taking into account unwarranted

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