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Major Assignment `Fiddley Junction Remodelling`s Implementation`

Major Assignment `Fiddley Junction Remodelling`s Implementation`

According to the relevant research3 , when the train passes through the curve, the average passenger`s feeling due to lateral centrifugal acceleration (aL) of the train is as follows: 1) when aL> 0.4 m/s2 but ≤ 0.5 m/s 2 , passenger can perceive the centrifugal acceleration, but they feel comfortable,

2) when aL > 0.5 m/s 2 but < 0.75 m/s 2, passenger will be able to withstand this centrifugal acceleration for a long time.

I have picked the unbalanced lateral acceleration of 0.65 m/s2. Now I will calculate the cant deficiency corresponding to this acceleration by applying the formula4 : aL = q x D / S, where aL - unbalanced centrifugal acceleration, q - gravity acceleration (9.81 m/s2), D - cant deficiency, S - distance between the bogie wheels` contact points with the rails, that is, the track gauge plus the width of the rail (mm)

I have assumed that the type of tracks is CWR (continuously welded rail). The cant deficiency on CWR track does not normally exceed 73% of the applied cant.5 Therefore, the cant to be applied is 100mm / 0.73 = 136.99mm ≈ 137mm.

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