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Managing Food & Beverage Operations (Unit 6)

Managing Food & Beverage Operations (Unit 6)


The aim of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have acquired during their studies, research and the practical activities undertaken, in food and beverage operations Reflecting modern business practices, the assignment tasks do not rely solely on written and presentational activities. They are therefore reflective of the blended learning that students have undertaken during their time at Nelson College London. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the different kind of businesses found within the hospitality sector and the standards associated with them. Students will be expected to learn the operational skills required to work within the food and beverage sector and gain an appreciation for the equipment and technology used in operations.

LO1 Explore the food and beverage industry including different styles of food and beverage service outlets, rating systems and current industry trends

Task 1


You are working for a careers advisory service. You have been appointed by a large private school to work with a number of their pupils helping these children to find ideal career paths and jobs. One of the pupils is passionate about starting a career in the hospitality sector, but is unsure which sector of the industry they should enter. You have decided that the simplest way to explain the options to the pupil is by completing a table.

The school is paying you a very large fee for your services, so you must include at least seven sectors on your table to reflect this.

P1 Explore different types of businesses within the food and beverage industry, profiling a chosen business within each area of the industry

Task 2


The school pupil that you have been helping has asked for more detail on the hotel sector, particularly in regard to the gradings and ratings systems.

P2 Explain different rating systems used for the food and beverage industry nationally and internationally This section of your assignment will be completed as a Classroom Activity.

You will discuss the different gradings and ratings systems, including:

• Scores On The Doors (food hygiene as awarded by local Environmental Health Officers)

• AA Rosettes

• Michelin Stars

• Hotel Stars

Task 3


The school pupil that you have been helping has become really excited about working in the sector! They have asked you one final question: they want to know about trends in the industry, and what the future might hold. You recognise that this is an area of such conjecture that you want to approach it by first discussing with your colleagues to gauge their opinions.

P3 Discuss the current and future trends affecting food and beverage businesses

M1 Analyse how current and future trends are affecting food and beverage businesses products and services to meet business objectives

LO2 Demonstrate professional food and beverage service standards in a real working environment

Task 4


Having successfully guided the school pupil on his chosen career path, you have returned to your offices to discuss the next project. Your manager has recognised that there is a trend towards people wishing to follow careers in hospitality. They have also noted the trend in the industry towards international cuisine. Amongst your colleagues, there are a wide variety of nationalities represented. Your manager has decided that he wants to put on a roadshow, taking examples of all these cuisines out to show them at a wide variety of educational establishments. He has tasked all his staff members to bring the dishes that they intend to present to the offices so that everyone is able to try these.

Recognising the detrimental impact of any breaches of Food Safety and Health & Safety legislation on any business, he is insistent that all staff follow very strict processes; he has therefore issued each group with a series of checklists.

P4 Demonstrate professional food and beverage management skills within a food and beverage organisation

P5 Explain the legal requirements and regulatory standards that food and beverage service outlets must comply with, giving specific reference to the maintenance and cleaning of equipment

M2 Discuss the importance and value of having to meet professional food and beverage legal and regulatory standards on operational performance and the consequences on performance if they are not adhered to

D2 Analyse the implications of failing to meet the professional food and beverage legal and regulatory requirements upon the overall operational performance

Task 6


You have decided that it will boost your knowledge if you visit a cross section of hospitality businesses, comparing and contrasting their approach to managing their business from an operational perspective. You are particularly interested in how they use technology, and what they do to try and gain customer loyalty

P7 Investigate the factors that influence the consumers’ decision on which food and beverage outlets they choose P8 Analyse strategies used in a range of food and beverage outlets to attract and build a loyal customer base

M4 Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies used in a range of food and beverage outlets to attract and build a loyal customer base

D3 Critically evaluate the impact of digital technology both on the operations of food and beverage businesses and the significant influence it has upon consumer buying behaviour

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