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Mr Tom Green and Ms Annabelle Blue have asked you to represent them in relation to their purchase of Oxford House, Queens Road, West Byfleet.

Client Scenario:

Mr Tom Green and Ms Annabelle Blue have asked you to represent them in relation to their purchase of Oxford House, Queens Road, West Byfleet.

Client personal history:

Mr Green and Ms Blue are intending to cohabit at the property. Mr Green’s mother is making a contribution to the purchase price, having sold her own property to move in with the couple.

The property:

The property is a 3 bedroom semi-detached property at the end of Queens Road and borders onto some woodland. It has a half-acre garden. The house was built on land that previously belonged to the Bexley Bitter Company, which is famous for providing charity housing. The company sold off this parcel of land over 100 years ago to raise some funds. In the garden is a very interesting original carved wooden totem pole, which historians have said is linked to a bronze-age religious group. There are stories about spirits from the group still being seen dancing around the totem pole.

The garden has been landscaped and includes paths made from expensive stone, garden statues and ornaments and a number of rare trees, grown both in pots and in the ground. The theme of the garden is that of an Edwardian country garden.

The purchase price for the property was £575,000. Mr Green’s mother, Mrs Pink has given her son £100,000 towards the purchase money. The balance of £475,000 was raised by savings from Mr Green and Ms Blue.

The legal title contains Mr Green’s name only.

Task 1:

While examining the garden after moving in, Mr Green found a curious mound of earth by the back fence. When he dug down, he discovered an ancient box full of what appears to be bronze jewellery. Mr Green wants to keep his find quiet and sell the jewellery to the specialist market.

Advise Mr Green of the status of his find and the legality of his action.

WORD LIMIT: 750 words.

Task 2:

Ms Blue is finding living with Mrs Pink very stressful and it is putting a great strain on her relationship with Mr Green. Ms Blue is thinking of leaving the property.

Advise Ms Blue of any interest AND quantum she may have in the property and whether leaving the house is a sensible thing to do.

WORD LIMIT: 1,000 words

Task 3:

Mr Green has a very good friend, Mr Yellow. Mr Green would like Mr Yellow to move into the spare room at Oxford House. The two men became friends when Mr Green and Mr Yellow both attended alcoholics anonymous. Mr Green intends to create a lease for Mr Yellow, but Ms Blue is adamant that if this is to go ahead, it should only be by way of licence.

What are the consequences of creating a lease or a licence in this situation?

WORD LIMIT: 500 words

Task 4:

Please explain what skills and experience you think you may have missed by not successfully completing the first sit as a group exercise.

WORD LIMIT 500 words

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