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o Provide a general description of the project: the function(s) of building(s), context: urban/suburban/rural, size, location, etc.

Green building project: Broadway Tower, Portland

Case Study Assignment

A term paper and presentation in the form of a case study is the primary means of evaluating students’ learning in this course. The goal of the case study assignment is for each student to understand the opportunities, constraints and trade-offs involved in a green building project. Both the specific systems and the team structure that contributed to the project should be discussed. To the greatest extent possible, case studies must include original research, such as interviews with project team members, review of post-occupancy data, etc.

In particular, the following questions and topics should be addressed. The approximate weighting that each will be given in grading is also listed.

o Provide a general description of the project: the function(s) of building(s), context: urban/suburban/rural, size, location, etc.


o Who was involved in the project? Identify the development team and financial backers, the complete design team, the contractor and major sub-contractors, and key tenants - and describe the contribution of each.


o What factors led to the project attempting green goals? Was it mandated, the result of a strong individual vision, or other factors? Who advocated for green strategies, and what information did they bring forward to persuade the rest of the team, if necessary?

o To what degree did the project team attain an integrated design process? Was the full team brought in early to set strategy? Did the design process facilitate innovative solutions?


o Describeindetailthekeygreenbuildingdesignconsiderationsthataddressedenergy, water, site ecology, materials selection, transportation impacts, and building durability.

In particular, describe how thermal comfort is provided [heating, cooling if used] – how it is produced and distributed to users [i.e., central v. distributed, fuel source, distribution medium - water? air?, etc.], and how green goals affected this element. Describe the building ‘envelope’: Types of insulation in major systems [typical roof & wall, R-values], types of glazing, etc.


o Describe and discuss the economic model of the project: what types of funding sources were included? What assumptions for the model differed from a conventional (i.e. non- green) project of similar scope? Specifically, address any incentives that were leveraged by green building strategies and systems [tax credits, utility or ETO funds, grants, technical assistance programs, etc.]

What was the overall project cost? Break down ‘hard’ & ‘soft costs’, and comment on any cost evaluation studies [system life-cycle costing, etc.] that were conducted for the project.


o Did the project pursue a third-party review, such as a LEED program or EarthAdvantage? Were other measures of success were used? Describe.

o Does the project have post-occupancy data and if so, what does that data reveal about the design’s success? If not, include occupant interviews in the research and provide anecdotal review of the project from those sources.


o The overall quality of the report will also be a factor in its evaluation, including clarity of writing, citing of sources, inclusion of appropriate graphics to communicate the project and particular systems, etc.



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