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Organisation design and development (ODD) is the process and outcome of shaping an organisational structure to align it with the business purpose and context in which it exists (CIPD, 2015).

Human Resource Management and Development in a Global Context

Assessment brief: Organisation design and development (ODD) is the process and outcome of shaping an organisational structure to align it with the business purpose and context in which it exists (CIPD, 2015). ODD has often helped managers to identify dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigning them to fit current business realities/goals and then developing plans to implement new changes. Simply put, ODD focuses on improving both the technical and people side of the business. In Assessment One, students should choose an organisation (public, private or third sector) for observation and complete a 3 minute video clip (Part A) and 3,000 word ePortfolio (Part B).

• Part A (10%): In the video clip, students should introduce their chosen organisation and explain its establishment history, culture, type of business/industry and company profile (e.g. products, services, organisational structure). Students should briefly explain the reason (rationale) for their chosen organisation and link it to ODD in the organisation.

Part B (40%): Based on the chosen organisation, students should respond to the following points in the ePortfolio. Point 1 (10%): Discuss the function of ODD and its relevance to organisational history, culture and life; Point 2 (10%): Use literature (theoretical perspectives) to discuss organisational learning during the ODD process; Point 3 (10%): Discuss the variety of organisational restructure and realignment strategies; Point 4 (10%): Use academic literature to evaluate and critically discuss the importance of global ODD strategy to the chosen organisation.

Knowledge and Understanding On successful completion the student will be able to:

1. Evaluate, critique and discuss the variety of cultural norms, behaviours and paradigms in organisation design and development and their value and contribution to organisational life from both historical and contemporary perspectives;

2. Apply theoretical ideas to help solve problems around organisational design and development including the reference to the way that processes and systems maintain those structures;

3. Understand and critically evaluate the methods and procedures of organisational development which support organisational design and realignment strategies;

4. Review research and critically evaluate major debates related to HRM and HRD in organisations in a national and global context including the way that organisational HRM and HRD strategies are shaped by and developed in response to internal and external environmental factors by a variety of actors including through government policy;

5. With reference to demographic, social and technological trends, demonstrate a sound understanding of globalised HRM and HRD policy and practice and the issues facing international HR managers in a global business environment including the critical evaluation of how organisational leaders and the HR function respond to these pressures.

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