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Outline the key elements of tourism in the country. What is tourism’s contribution to GDP? What are the main national markets? How many tourists?

A critique of tourism policy and planning in Norway GUIDELINESS

The report must focus more explicitly upon a critical appraisal of the policy. Try to imagine that your report is to be presented to a team of experts who are compiling a global report on tourism policy trends and effectiveness.



 Outline the key elements of tourism in the country. What is tourism’s contribution to GDP? What are the main national markets? How many tourists? What type of tourism? When did it start and how has it developed? (This is a very brief section) Use TABLES and DIAGRAMS. This is the key section in which you are setting the scene. You need to show the growth of tourism over time; you need to use devices that convey information effectively: ie tables and graphs  (MAX 250 WORDS)


Please explain a balanced range of the issues as currently identified by policy makers and by other stakeholders. Could be climate change, difficulties of gaining Visas, the impact of FDI, the lack of FDI, recruitment of labour, cultural and political issues, quality of hotels, wrong types of tourists, poor quality of service etc. How long have these issues been apparent? How serious are they? You need to put them into order of importance.  


Introduce the National tourism policy/strategy and how it has/is changing. Outline the policy and planning framework showing who does what and how relevant stakeholders engage with the key policy body, which is generally central government. Which bodies do what?  Where does power lie? What is the relationship between the public, private and third sectors? Is the framework state-led, private sector-led or a third way mixture of partnerships? How do key stakeholder relationships impact on the policy-making process? PLEASE USE DIAGRMS TO SHOW RELATIONSHIPS OF THE STAKEHOLDERS BETWEEN THEM.  





Make sure you describe the general tourism strategy of the country before you evaluate its impact on your issues.

How have the policies/strategies you have identified impacted and engaged with the issues detailed in 2 above?  Which issues have engaged policy-makers and which, if any, have been ignored and why?  Which issues have been prioritised and why?



If policies have not been successful then why is that the case?

What are the barriers to successful implementation of policy? 


Provide some realistic recommendations to address the issues that are not being dealt with very well by policy.

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