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Part A: Explore your identified area of practice (Male medium secure forensic unit) and discuss the clinical management of the particular patient and population concerned.

UK Sources and Within 5 Years Only. 

Summative Assessment Guidelines

You are required to identify an area of personal interest related to complex mental and physical health care. Please note that you are being asked to explore a co-morbidity. You can select an individual client you have nursed in practice or you can select commonly occurring co-morbidity affecting a particular group.

Subject Choice

Schizophrenia and Obesity.

Part A: Explore your identified area of practice (Male medium secure forensic unit) and discuss the clinical management of the particular patient and population concerned.

Please explore:

  • the actual condition(s) and management linked to best practice guidelines both nationally and internationally
  • the scenario of the person in a short-term acute situation
  • the long-term management of the person in the community

At master’s level we expect to see critical analysis. NOT a descriptive account of what you have read. Are there alternative views? What is your own understanding, having compared and contrasted current research findings and considered their application to the clinical scenario?

Part B: Critically reflect on the role of the advanced nurse practitioner in managing the care of the person and working in partnership with the health consumer, their family/career and key professional

 Although you are free to structure your own work across part A and part B, please note that you need to fully explore the advanced nurse practitioner role as it could be applied to your patient/ patient group, referencing current evidence.

Do not attach appendices with client details to your work. We need to assess your ability to meet assignment criteria within the allocated 4000 words.

Referencing: follow the Harvard Referencing style

Total: 4000 words


  • Identify an area of interest - Schizophrenia and Obesity
  • Mental and Physical health concern (Explain the two together)
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and screening tools
  • Comorbidity
  • Assessment
  • Treatment options
  • Psychosocial intervention B) Harm Reduction tragedies, C) Dual diagnoses- Model of care
  • A case studies
  • Literature review
  • Clinical Management of Person or Disease
  • Look at conditions and how they are managed
  • Address Healing and recovery pathways
  • Discuss as comorbidity issues
  • Slight intro of each of the two management pathways
  • Use a case study
  • What is done for the client in each pathway
  • Evidence in literature
  • Long term management and how it works
  • Level 7 analysis (Masters level)
  • What research says

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