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PGBM16 Global Corporate Strategy Assessment

PGBM16 Global Corporate Strategy Assessment

Learning outcomes.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated


K1. Their critical understanding and application of relevant theories associated with global corporate policies and strategies.

K2. Understanding of the holistic nature of strategy and apply analytical techniques to solve complex problems in real life organizations

K3. Knowledge of the strategic decision making process through critical analysis of how strategic decision making enables an organization to relate to its global business environment.

S1. How to critically evaluate and monitor the business mission, objectives and policies of international organizations.

S2. How to use critical reflective skills to reflect on the impact of their understanding on the problem solving process

Your task is to carry out a critical analysis and evaluation of the strategies adopted by global steel manufacturers, using the case study provided and other materials researched. You will be expected to select and apply appropriate theories, techniques and models studied during the module whilst having regard to the practical aspects of strategy development.

Question 1:

Using relevant literature and examples from the 2017-18 Annual Report of the Tata Group available online, critically evaluate the merits and demerits, of adopting the ‘portfolio organisation perspective’ or the ‘integrated organisation perspective’ in the management of Tata’s range of products – in today’s fast-changing dynamic global business environment. Based on your evaluation, is it possible for Tata to adopt both perspectives simultaneously, and why?

Question 2:

The focus on innovation has helped the company (Tata Group) improve its products, services and solutions to satisfy customer needs. For example, the ‘Innovent’ programme has enabled the company to enter new market segments, for example the steel doors segment. Steel doors have been introduced under the brand name ‘Pravesh’ and have received a positive response from customers, thereby creating a new market for the company

Using relevant literature and examples from the Tata Group, carry out a critical assessment of the company’s ability to acquire and deploy intelligent innovations and technologies through ‘strategic alliances’ (SAs) and ‘mergers and acquisitions’ (M&As). In your opinion does Tata have the mix of resources and capabilities to bring the ‘digital and mobile’ technologies together in order to achieve its aims and intentions? Lastly, how would you 6 | P a g e assess the above mentioned addition of ‘Pravesh’ to the product portfolio (you should refer to Blue Ocean Strategy and Business Model Innovation)?

Question 3:

The company’s vision to be a global benchmark in value creation and corporate citizenship and the company’s long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) objective, is to improve the quality of life of the communities through long-term value creation for all stakeholders. This objective is in alignment with the Tata Group core purpose. Towards achieving this, the company has been a pioneer in various CSR initiatives. We continue to remain focused on improving the quality of life and engaging communities through health, education, sports and infrastructure development. (http://www.tatasteel.com/investors/annual-report-2014-15/annual-report-2014-15.pdf, 2016) Using your understanding of Corporate governance, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and relevant management and leadership concepts, critique the above extract and evaluate the ability of Tata’s senior management team to ensure that the company’s CSR activities contribute to increasing the company’s value in a strategic and sustainable way.

Question 4:

In 350-400 words reflect on the impact of this assessment on your understanding of the Global Steel Manufacturing Industry competition, highlighting the key role of strategic alliances, M&As, and Corporate leadership, in sustaining growth through responsible policies and practices.


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