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Please describe how your previous experience will positively contribute to policing through your role as an Inspector?

Assessment Question 1 - Leadership Experience

This question is about your readiness for the role, specifically in terms of your previous experience and skills at the required level.

Please describe how your previous experience will positively contribute to policing through your role as an Inspector?

You should consider how your experience meets the needs of the role and its requirements and responsibilities.  You may want to think about challenges you have already faced and how these will help you deal with the responsibilities of the role and the transition into Policing.


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Assessment Question 2 - Innovative and Open-minded

You will enter policing with your own leadership and management experience but will have to put this into practice in a new environment with the aim of bringing in new and different ways of thinking.

How has your previous experience enabled you to evaluate and challenge existing practices?

You may want to think about what your objective was, what steps you took and why, if there were any issues and how you overcame them, or what issues there could have been.


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Assessment Question 3 - Emotionally Aware

As an inspector you will experience some emotionally challenging situations where you will have to make quick and demanding decisions under pressure.

Please provide an example of how, as a leader, you have encouraged respect and support in your team.

You may want to think about your specific behaviours, what you took into account, what steps you took to deal with it and why this was important or not.


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Assessment Question 4 - Deliver, Support and Inspire

As a leader within the police service you will be responsible for creating a climate where people can work to the best of their abilities.

As a leader how have you supported those you lead to improve and learn in their roles?

You may want to think about what steps you took to do this, what you took into consideration when supporting others, and how this fitted in with organisational requirements.


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Assessment Question 5 - Integrity

Policing requires the highest levels of integrity where the vulnerable are protected and ethical standards are maintained.

Please tell us about a time when you have maintained your ethical standards in a challenging situation?

Some things you might want to consider when answering this question are; what considerations you made, why the situation was challenging, what you learnt from the situation, and what you might do differently next time.


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