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Present external and company internal environment (2 business model based-PESTLE and 5Fs)


Overall, a list of the following aspects should be included and presented in assignment 2.

the overall approach of  your  innovation  should  be  able  to reveal issues relating to clear Product or Service presentation(Innovation focused, based on related theoretical models). Each PP model slide will be followed by another note-slide with extensive notes on your models. The PP presentation document will include a minimum of six-seven models .Each one of the model-slides will be followed by your extensive description of  the  model, in  the  form  of  notes.(essay/paragrapgh style)   

Your PP document should not be more than 20 PP slides, including the notes slides and one  cover-page-slide  and  reference-slide. 

This assignment weights 30% of your grade scheme. Therefore, 6-7 models with their notes are 14 slides(max) and another  2  are  the  reference  slide  and  cover  page slide.

Then, another 4 slides that you will introduce material (PP slides or notes) according to your product/service  innovation.  The slide flow  is completely  up  to  your  creative  approach  to  this  assignment.

the following points should be consideredin your assignment two presentation slides:

  • Present external and company internal environment (2 business model based-PESTLE and 5Fs)
  • Present (selective business model based) here the company’s main elements (processes, values customer relations, resources etc.)
  • Present and explain slides  on how  your innovative product  or service works(based on 2-3innovation models)and clearly expose the  customer  value  it  contains.  Most probably there  are  similar products/ services in the market. 
  • Position your product in  the  market(model-based)and  clearly explain why you placed it there.
  • Present your (incremental  or  radical) and  the competitive  advantage  that  your  product  or  service  has  over  the competitive products or services. 
  • Future developments, trends and innovation of your business

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