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Reflection on development of self in relation to one of the four key categories of the NMC Code

Summative assessment:

A 2500 word critical reflective essay

Entitled “Reflection on development of self in relation to one of the four key categories of the NMC Code”

During your nurse education, you have developed personally and professionally; the module learning outcomes require that you analyse how you have met one of the four key categories of the NMC Code.

Summative assessment structure:


Summative Essay title:

“Reflection on development of self in relation to one of the four key

categories of the NMC Code’.


In order to do this, you will need to refer to your professional practice and the module learning outcomes and review your professional development in relation to the NMC Code

Professional Standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives. (“The Code”

NMC 2015)


Prioritise people

Practise effectively

Preserve safety

Promote professionalism and trust


Pick only one of the above domains and discuss how you have developed throughout your nurse training.

Each domain has sub sections (you will see this as you read through the NMC Code), these sub sections can be discussed in relation to how you have developed also.

Give examples from year one and year two as this will show how you have developed over the years with regards to that one domain you have chosen.

Back up your development and professional growth with evidence (References). This will show that you have incorporated published literature to support your professional growth.


Introduction (500 words)

Choose a domain.

Explain why you have chosen it.

What is the importance of it.

Explain what you are going to do in this essay


Main text


Reflection on year 1. (Remember to give examples from practice)

(500 words)

  • ·


Reflections on year 2.


ber to give examples from practice)

(500 words)

  • ·

Areas for further development

(500 words)

You can use these as subheadings to help structure your essay.

Conclusions (500 words)

Conclude by summarising the importance of the chosen domain, how you have developed and how you will continue to develop throughout your nursing career.

Remember that your work should be in accordance to the learning outcomes for the module as well as the marking criteria for the assessment.

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