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• Relate concepts of buyer behaviour (consumer and B2B) to the purchase decisionmaking process

Market Intelligence

Assignment Brief

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the module, you should be able to:

• Relate concepts of buyer behaviour (consumer and B2B) to the purchase decisionmaking process

• Critically analyse an organisation’s use of market research techniques

• Utilise appropriate techniques to assess market size and future demand

• Devise and utilise appropriate survey instruments to measure customer satisfaction

Scenario – Cirque De Soleil

Using the attached case study on Cirque De Soleil and wider reading and research, write a report informing your manager on how the company can improve its ticket sales:

Produce an executive summary– Give a summary of the purpose of marketing intelligence within the organisation. Include the main findings and recommendations for the company.
(5 marks)
. Include detail on the company’s core competencies and

➢ ➢
References – present to AU Harvard Standards.
(5 marks) (5 marks)
Write an introduction – Provide an overview of Cirque De Soleil and how it is
performing to date
The main report will comprise of the following:
(10 marks)
(60 marks)
▪ ▪ ▪

Relate concepts of behaviour (consumer and B2B) to the decision-making process when developing an effective show. (LO 1)
Critically analyse appropriate market research techniques for gaining feedback from customers to understand the value of the shows offered by Cirque De Soleil. (LO 2)
Research key elements/trends and market size to predict future demand linking these to potential target markets for Cirque De Soleil. Use appropriate analysis techniques from unit 3 of the learning materials to complete the appraisal of the market. From the results decide on the most appropriate segmentation strategy to focus on in order to increase ticket sales. (LO 3)
Devise a plan to show how to keep customers satisfied and how to deal with difficult customers who complain. Explain how to implement an appropriate CRM strategy within Cirque De Soleil. (LO 4)
Conclusion – summarise the above report and include recommendations for Cirque De Soleil to develop its marketing strategies.
Appendix – include a PowerPoint presentation of no more than ten slides supporting the research and findings on Cirque De Soleil.
(15 marks)

• Relate concepts of buyer behaviour (consumer and B2B) to the purchase decisionmaking process

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