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RESEARCH PROPOSAL - Research Design and Methods Module

RESEARCH PROPOSAL - Research Design and Methods Module

INDICATIVE TITLE: This should be as short as possible (< 10 words) encapsulating the research – Action, Topic, Context.

RATIONALE (500 words)

l  Context and scene setting

l   Professional basis of work with evidence emerging from your experience (if appropriate)

l  Possible theoretical basis of the topic (key authors)

l  Intellectual grasp of the literature (well cited)

Justify and make the case for the research project

l  Potential value, importance and impact of the research

RESEARCH FOCUS (100 words)

Any one of the following:

  1. One key question then a list of sub-questions to be answered
  2. Aims and objectives to be achieved
  3. Hypothetical propositions to explore
  4. Hypotheses to be teste


l  Theoretical basis of the research design. Quantitative/qualitative.

l  Inductive or deductive approach

l  Intellectual grasp of the research methods literature (well cited)

l  A justification of methodological issues and data collection techniques to be employed strongly linked to research focus

l  Data to be collected

l  Analytical framework

l  Validity and or reliability issues

l  An account of how the work is going to be completed

l  What, why, how, where, when, and who questions

l  Resources required including selection of participants if appropriate

l  A Table can help – Data to collect / Research Method / Justification with obvious links between columns

ETHICAL ISSUES (200 words)

l  Specific ethical dilemmas relating to your research project e.g. power relationship with fellow employees/interviewees (well cited)

l  General issues e.g. consent, data storage and confidentiality

l  Explain how they will be addressed


l  Cited in text using the Harvard method

l  List these references at the end of the text in alphabetical order

Do not write a long bibliography.


l  A plan of action containing, processes, actions and products, with time-scales, milestones and critical points.  This is an outline plan of what will be done in the Dissertation Module.  This is particularly useful for those completing the dissertation in the next few months, but is not an important part of this module.

l  Perhaps a Gantt chart or flow diagram (float time)

l  Writing strategy

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