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Research Proposal

You are required to produce a research proposal with the following sections:



Title Page

CHAPTER 1         Introduction [around 500 words]

CHAPTER 2         Literature Review [around 1,000 words]

CHAPTER 3         Methodology Justification [250-500 words]



ANNEX 1            Research ethics approval form


Chapter 1. Introduction


In the introduction you should introduce the reader to the background to the study and the nature of the problem/issue/opportunity. It should therefore set the study in context explaining why this study is important. The main focus of the justification should be on why the research would be useful to the specific organisation to the wider sector.  But you could also mention the academic interest of the topic – for example, how it would fill a gap in the literature.  The aim and objectives should be stated clearly in this chapter.


Chapter 2.  Literature Review


You are expected to provide a critical review of the existing literature on the research area being investigated.  Key factors to take into account are:


•          You cannot read every book and article on your chosen topic.  Nevertheless your review should indicate that you have studied some good quality academic work in the field, including journal articles reporting relevant empirical research and/or credible stories from specialist or general news sites. 


•          The literature review should be relevant to your research aim and objectives. It should also inform your choice of methodology (e.g. you should consider what primary research methods previous researchers have used and consider whether this suggests you should propose the same method or a different one, or variations in your approach to build on what others have done).


•          Critically reviewing past research is essential. You cannot just describe what you have read, with each article summarised in turn.  The material needs to be organised into relevant themes/topics.


•          The literature must be up-to-date.  You should be looking to use plenty of recent literature (not older than five years).


Chapter 3.  Methodology Justification


The purpose of this chapter is to explain briefly what your primary research method will be and then to justify why you chose that method.  In other words, what are the advantages of the proposed method in your specific case and, where there are potential disadvantages of the method, why are these not so important or how do you plan to minimise them through a good research design.


Annex 1.  Research ethics approval form


A version of this form is at Annex 1.  You will need to complete this form and attach it as an annex to your assignment. 

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