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Research The NHS five year forward view (2015) and note and summarise key points (from the document) to use in your discussion

Business Analysis and Planning Assessment Guide

The assessment should be presented as a portfolio of task with sub-headings for each section, including an Executive summary/Abstract, Table of contents, Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion, Recommendation and References.

1. Title Page:

In the Arden Assessment cover page, under the Assessment Title, students should indicate that this is a ‘report’.

Note: The assignment should be written in the third person and should display good to excellent ability to write academically. Avoid using Pronouns including: “I, Me, We, Us”.

2. Introduction

This should explain what the assignment is about and mention the main concepts discussed within the body of the assignment. This part should use up not more than 5% of the total word count.

3. Main body

Note: To ensure you can address all set outcomes holistically, it is important to consider the assessment requirement in two parts; that is Part 1 and Part 2. Expectations and requirements for both are detailed below.Research ‘The NHS five year forward view (2015)’ and note and summarise key points (from the document) to use in your discussion

Part 1:

  • Research ‘The NHS five year forward view (2015)’ and note and summarise key points (from the document) to use in your discussion. Key points noted should be relevant to costing of health and social care services, seamless collaborative working, efficiency saving, value for money, enhanced health in care homes etc.
  • Because the report should particularly focus on the Government’s thinking on ‘saving costs and improving efficiency, this should be a key theme threaded through your discussion.
  • Critically discuss the legislative history and context in which ‘value for money’ matters.
  • Use secondary sources of information to highlight specific health and social care services delivered by a Local Authority (LA) of choice (i.e. either in relation to services for mental health, old vulnerable users, young people among others). Refer to the relevant data or statistics (identified from research) to highlight demand for the service(s) to be procured from the Government department. i.e. what is the general population needing the specified service in the LA of choice? At this stage, it is worth checking the strategy statement on the chosen LA website.
  • Students are advised to look at information/data covering the last 10 - 15 years.
  • To show lateral thinking, students may wish to use PESTEL or other recognised analytical tools to review the impact of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and/or Legal factors on the health and social care service(s) specified.
  • The bullet points listed here are by no means an exhaustive list of areas to cover in this assignment

Part 2:

  • It may be useful to visit a Local Authority of your choice (or their website) and investigate the range and types of data available concerning how ‘health and social care services are costed and delivered’. For example, what is a weekly cost of a specified service user group and what are the Government requirements. Consider ‘direct payments’ and ‘funding registered care homes’
  • It is important that students focus on the use of literature and published financial information already available in the public domain. A comparison of the ‘trends’ over a period of time will help develop a ‘projection’ of activities which could be based on ‘assumptions’
  • Within the discourse, you must demonstrate understanding of how specific software tools aid in decision making.  Examples of such tools include data analysis tools like ‘MS Excel’ or other recognised software.
  • The bullet points listed here are by no means an exhaustive list of areas to cover in this assignment

4. Conclusion

Summarise the key points covered in your report and conclude.

5. Recommendations

Add recommendations. You could use bullet points for this. Think about who your audience is (or stakeholders are) in this case before completing this part.

6. References

Students should adhere to the AU Harvard style of referencing. All references cited must be listed and all references listed must be cited.  All quotes must have page numbers cited. Avoid the use of too many quotes. This have the potential to make work come across fragmented.

Study Skills tips for success


Self-evaluation questions

How do I know I am ready to submit?

I have:


Self-check list to review before assignment submission






1. Have I covered the main points in all questions in sufficient depth?).

  • Addressed all elements of the questions and opportunities to link my discussion to wider literature.
  • Checked my work to ensure points raised are relevant to the questions asked, contexts provided and expectations set
  • Structured my discussion well and ensured not to jump from one idea to another. I know this because I made good use of connectives to link ideas discussed.
  • Made sure not to include too many points or arguments that are irrelevant.

2. Is my writing analytical in style and questioning in approach?

  • Applied all concepts discussed to a case study and/or Health and Social Care practice, in general, and reached a well-reasoned conclusion.
  • Paid specific attention to the relevant key word(s) guiding the assignment question or task.
  • Ensured the requirement for the key word has been fully addressed in my assignment.
  • Made sure to not just describe what I have read/done and considered the value/significance of the information I included in my discussion.

3. Have I developed and sustained a clear argument throughout my work and supported it with relevant examples?

  • Checked that my supporting arguments flowed in a clear and coherent way.
  • Checked to see if effective paragraphing has been used to organise my arguments and discussion in a logical sequence for my audience.
  • Ensured that use of jargons is kept to a minimum and where used, I have defined or explained the meaning

4. Have I referenced all sources used, in the main body and in the reference list?


  • Used Harvard referencing clearly and accurately throughout my work.
  • Used my own words (in paraphrasing information) as much as possible and where text or information is (quoted) it is presented in quotation marks and clearly referenced following the Arden approach to Harvard.
  • Uploaded a draft copy of my work on Turnitin to review its similarity score, and work on parts of the work showing a high similarity before submission.
  • Checked to see all references used in-text have been added in my reference list.
  • Arranged my reference list alphabetically and checked to see the right assignment is been submitted on iLearn
  • Additional skills related comments –You should demonstrate a high level of organisation by applying a good sequence to your work.  This includes checking to ensure your coursework is presented well, using the right spacing, font type, size and cover sheet for your programme. Generally speaking a font type of Arial or Times NewRoman 11-14 is desirable with the assignment spaced 1.5 centimetre and the sides justified.
  • Quick guide to Harvard referencing:  https://moodle.bl.rdi.co.uk/guides/HarvardRef/AU_Harvard_Quick_Ref_Guide.pdf


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