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Review the evidence supporting effective media efforts in raising public awareness


Multimedia communications for Health Promotion Part 2

Suggested Essay Outline for Part Two of Your Summative Assignment This part of your assignment will address learning outcomes (LO’s) 3 and 4.

These are as follows:

3. Review the evidence supporting effective media efforts in raising public awareness.
4. Demonstrate the use of a variety of communication tools, used in disseminating health information.


Additional content to enhance assignment



What are you going to discuss in the essay and why?

  • You will be defining what is meant by mass media, and identifying how this will be demonstrated in applying to a specific campaign and be the focus of your essay
  • Outline the key issues you will be discussing in the essay (e.g., for example-using media to a specific health campaign). These might include highlighting your planning process (identifying the aims and objectives, what were the goals in the campaign). What medium you have selected for your campaign and that you will provide a rationale for your media choice and audience, describing and analysing the campaign itself and how you would evaluate it.



Background reading to plan your assignment (sources and evidence must be cited)

  • You need to consider what is meant by health and wellbeing campaigns and their relevance for public health. Define what is meant by some key terms such as mass media, social marketing, broadcast media etc (which are relevant to your campaign). This will address Learning Outcome 3
  • You will need to highlight briefly what your health topic is and why it’s important and relevance to your target group. Social media addiction is the health topic, targetd group is youth age 11-19.
  • The rationale of your media resource (social media exposure and health promotion to youth individuals age 11-19) that have impacted on your decision to select a specific resource for your group/audience and their health (ie snapchat)

These theories can include:

(Media theories)

User gratification Diffusion of Innovation Hypodermic needle etc......

(Learning Theories)

Social learning


• You will need to discuss this with reference to the theories with regard to social marketing (if applicable to your campaign) and/or media communication to mass audiences and impacts of particular media (social media). The importance of planning strategies to meet specific goals and apply these to your audience. This will address learning outcome 4.

(Other possible theories to explore)

Social exchange theories
Social Marketing theories
Models (HBM)
Nudge theory
Empowerment theory
Motivational theories
Behavioural change theories
Applying these theories to your plan.

Body of Essay/Main Section (sources and evidence must be cited)

In this section you need to do the following.

Consider using a planned approach for your media campaign. Such as social marketing approaches.

Identify the health issue(social media addiction)  to be communication through the media. who the target audiences will be?

Identify your communication objectives

State how you will plan to execute your resource
IMPORTANT: make sure the influences are appropriate to your audience (profile- i.e Segmentation in social marketing). Identify and discuss related theories and concepts that inform your discussion (see above and develop further). For instance, culture or diversity might impact on the health media resource. Also consider issues around health literacy.
Identify and discuss how you would plan to use the resource, what evaluative methods would you employ to trial it for a specific health campaign


Clearly identify the focus of the resource and rationale for the media health promotion activity (what is the health topic and who is the audience, why use mass communication methods).

Give a description of what is meant by multi-media and some other relevant definitions that apply to your campaign, such as Broadcast media, or media representation among other definitions and the method you have chosen to use to plan your activity.

Your objectives for the intervention (what you plan to achieve) and the planned activity to achieve your goals (what you will be doing- how you will use your socail media). You will need to consider why the chosen intervention/activity is appropriate for the individuals you are communicating to, using evidence to support. Justify its use using data, evidence etc.

Consider which theories apply and discuss these in relation to your chosen media and mass communication.

Consider how you may evaluate whether the activity is successful or not, considering the impact of the medium you use. IE how would you measure the success of a twitter campaign? (this might be through retweets or an online VoD (Iplayer etc) service might review the number of downloads.



Wrap up your discussion with some thoughts about:

• What you think are the key points you have discussed that the reader should take away from your essay



Ensure referencing and in-text citation follows Cite Them Right Online recommendations for Harvard-style referencing.

Ensure careful proof reading, check for clarity structure and coherence, and make sure your references adhere to Guidelines.


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