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Using the block materials in intoroduction ( is in the PDF file. File name Social networking1.1) as a starting point, you should write an account that summarises the current position of your topic (SOCIAL NETWORKING). In your account you should discuss the important points, concepts and current ideas related to your chosen topic. You will need to carry out research into recent developments, using sources you find on the Web in order to provide an up-to-date account of your topic. 

You should discuss both of the following: 
-key points found in the module materials about your topic 
-current issues or debates surrounding your topic, new developments in the area, and/or new applications of the technologies. 

You should envisage your readers as being other students who know something of the topic from their study of the block, but who have not researched the topic in detail. You should write your page so that it could be used by a current student to deepen and update their knowledge of the topic beyond the material found in Block 3. 

You must include at least one citation (as described in Block 1, Part 7, Section 5.3.2) and one quotation (as described in Block 1, Part 7, Section 5.3.1). One of these must be from a source that you have found yourself and the other from the block materials. Use the Harvard referencing system for all references and quotations. ( Look at PDF file name scanned document 1.3)

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