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We are all equal before the law | To what extent is this common statement about the law reflected in practice

Assessment type


Assessment title

“We are all equal before the law”.

To what extent is this common statement about the law reflected in practice?

Aims of assessment

The aim of the assessment is to test your learning in relation to the conventions of report writing in the human services as well as your knowledge of the law and society topics on the raised in the learning on the unit. The subject of the report is an area of discrimination relating to the law and a social group in UK society that you have covered in the teaching and learning programme and then research with tutor guidance and support.

Form of submission

Through BREO




Any specific submission information

Upload through BREO

Assessment length

1500 words

Variance allowed in word limit*

+/- 10%

*Note that reference lists do not count in the word limit

Support for the development of your assessment

Available assessment guidance and development

All assignment support sessions prior to submission will focus on supporting you in developing the key knowledge and skills you need to produce an effective assignment


Additional support available from tutor/s

Office hours are available. Please email one of your unit tutors to arrange a meeting or sign up for office hours.

If you require an extension due to mitigating circumstances please use the guidance in your course handbook and contact SEAM

Relevant support available from PAD

Before you start your assignment you may wish to visit PAD’s Study Hub Online site on BREO. You will find guidance and resources on completing your assignments there.

Learning outcomes and threshold criteria

Unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria covered by this assessment

On completion of this unit you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subjects and issues to do with the UK legal system with particular relevance to different types of law
  • Employ social studies skills and abilities in report structuring and writing together with research understanding and application


Threshold criteria to achieve a pass in the assessment

In order to pass Assessment 1 you will need to:

  • Show an understanding of the conventions of report formatting in preparing your own report.
  • Research controversy and the law, with regards to an area of discrimination in society, in developing content for the report
  • Focus the content of the report in line with the requirements of the assignment brief and submit the coursework on time 


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