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State de nature of the business and what product or service it provides.

Business Plan: Organise British Fashion week at the O2 arena,London.

Business Plan:Part1(Max 300 words)(20 Marks)

  1. 1.     Outline your new business venture
  • State de nature of the business and what product or service it provides.
  • State your USP and explain why your business would have a competitive adge.


1.1                 Business Type

  • ·  Is your business a Partnership or a company formation? Explain why you have chosen this business model.

1.2                 Research

  • · Reserch into the business service you have chosen; identify existing competitors.
  • · Illustrate using UK and local statistical data; marketing survey(Eg:ONS;Interbrand)Explain why you thing there is a demand or market for your service


Part 1:Assessment Criteria:

  • Knowledge and Understading:Explain thr different types of business structures and benefits of each.
  • Abillity to conduct valid research

Points to consider:

  • You should use information that you have learned in your introduction to business clases,along with information from the core textbook and other suggested reading material.

Business Plan: Part 2 [1400 words]

Part 2.1: Apply McCarthy’s 4Ps and any other relevant models:

  • Ø Place: Conduct a location search for your business and identify your competitors within the areas.
  • Ø Products/Service: Describe in detail the product/service that the business will offer, illustrate with examples.
  • Ø Price: Apply three Pricing strategies you have learnt, illustrate with examples.
  • Ø Promotin: What marketing strategies will you adopt.Explain why you would use social media.                                                                       ( 40 marks)

Business Plan : Part 2.2

2.2 Employess/staff {You must have mini of 3& maximum of 7 employees  10 marks]

  • Explain the job roles assigned to the business employees.Eg:role of the manager/s
  • Explain the advantage &disavantages of having Zero-hour contract workers and Agency staff.

2.3 Customers/Clients

  • Identify your customer target market.Who are your customer cohorts?

Part 2 : Assessment Criteria:

  • Aplly the 4Ps of marketing to any business situation
  • Knowledge and Understanding Define the role that human beings play in the business environment.
  • Knowledge and Undesrtanding;Understand the basics of marketing and promotion and discuss the production and distribution process.

Points to Consider:

  • You should use information that  you have learned in your Introduction to Business classes,along with information from the core textbook and other suggested reading material.

Business Plan:Part 3 Future Plans (Max300 words)(20 marks)

3.1 Should your business be successful, explain the business could expand in the future.Illustrate by giving examples, what strategies you would adopt to expand.

Part 3: Assessement Criteria:

  • Intelectual,practical,affective and transferrable skills.Apply the 4Ps of marketing to any business situation.

Points to Consider:

Additional marks awarded for presentation layout and use of relevant graphs&Charts,images,data provided they help to illustrate the business plan.



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