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Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Analyst Newsletter

Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Analyst Newsletter

Assignment Introduction Present an analyst’s report on two competitors and the industry. • In investments (Finance 4320 and 5320), two competitor stocks. o Each student will select a pair of competitors. o After you have begun researching your stocks, you may want to change one of the competitors. This is fine. • In portfolio theory (Finance 4321 and 5321), both stocks should be viable candidates for addition to a portfolio. o Each student will select two competitor firms that are mid/small cap stocks.

Newsletter Format

• You should do the newsletter in Microsoft Publisher if you are using a PC or in the Newsletter Format in Publishing Layout View of Word if you are using a Mac. o Many of the Mac formats for newsletters are ugly. You can be marked down for this. Thus, you will want to spend time improving the format to mimic Publisher or to just use Publisher.

• The HELC has Publisher on its computers.

• There is absolutely no reason that you have to buy Publisher or anything like it. There are free templates on the web for newsletters if you do not have MS Publisher if you are on a PC. If you use a Mac, you automatically have the newsletter template in Word. There is also a newsletter option in some versions of Pages. You just have to adjust it to make it work.

• Make sure it is attractive and readable with all the topics covered.

• Part of your grade is on appearance.

• You will want to present charts, tables, and graphs to show your reader what you are doing and to make the newsletter eye-catching and understandable.

• You need to explain the main idea for each illustration within the body of the newsletter. Do not just put in a chart and expect the reader to know why it is there and what he is supposed to learn from looking at the chart.

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