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Task 1: Choose which library (or libraries) would be suitable for KittyDraw, and which would be suitable for PhotoPro, based solely on the libraries` licences. Explain your reasoning

Coursework Brief

Setting for Tasks 1–4:

We will consider five fictional projects: AlphaImg, BoomPics, ColourizeIt, KittyDraw, and PhotoPro.

AlphaImg, BoomPics, and ColourizeIt are open-source image manipulation libraries, useful for software that creates and processes images:

● AlphaImg, currently in version 2.5.1, uses the GPL licence.

● BoomPics, version 3.0, uses the LGPL licence.

● ColourizeIt, version 0.3.12, uses the ISC licence.

KittyDraw and PhotoPro are applications for editing pictures:

● KittyDraw is a hobby project, a simple drawing program for the children of the author of KittyDraw. It can be downloaded freely by anyone on the Web.

● PhotoPro is commercial software, developed by the fictional company Prosoft. It is available online, with a free version that has limited features, and a paid version with all the features.

Both KittyDraw and PhotoPro need to use one of the above image manipulation libraries.

Task 1: Choose which library (or libraries) would be suitable for KittyDraw, and which would be suitable for PhotoPro, based solely on the libraries` licences. Explain your reasoning. [10 marks]

Task 2: When choosing a library to support your program, important considerations include how well maintained and how stable the libraries are (i.e. not crashing in normal use, not under rapid development).

Identify and justify five commonly accessible types of information about open-source libraries that you would use to judge their stability and maintenance. Explain how this information will help you and your library.

Illustrate each type of information with two examples from different real online open-source projects. Include links. [20 marks]

Task 3: Prosoft realize that KittyDraw has exposed a lucrative market segment and wish to purchase the rights to the project and hire the author to keep working on it. They would like to make it a commercial product, maintain its existing features, add new features such as cloud storage, and grow its customer base. Prosoft will need to acquire the rights, make KittyDraw profitable, and transition from a single author to a developer team.

Identify and discuss three issues that Prosoft must consider when doing this. [10 marks]

Task 4: KittyDraw has become a successful product with a free ad-supported version that has limited features, and a paid version with all the features. It has 10,000 paid installations, and a million (1,000,000) active users around the world. On average, every user saves 3 pictures every week, which are stored as high-resolution images (~100KB per image).

Evaluate (and write about) the suitability of each of the following cloud storage options for this product`s pictures:

● local files on cloud VMs,

● a single regional storage bucket,

● multiple regional storage buckets in several regions,

● a single multi-region storage bucket,

● a cloud database.

Document any assumptions you need to make for your evaluation. Based on your evaluation, pick the two most suitable options, and state what you`d need to find out about the product and its user base to allow you to choose between them. [15 marks]

Setting for Tasks 5–7: An energy provider FunGasAndElectric (FG&E), which already has smart energy meters installed for every client, decides to start producing a smart thermostat, to be deployed in 1 million households. These smart thermostats will report hourly average, minimum, and maximum temperatures to a cloud-based API that stores the data in a cloud database. The thermostats will enable remote temperature monitoring and setting from the customers` smartphones.

For analysis, FG&E will want to store:

● hourly data (minimum, average, maximum temperature) for the last 7 days,

● 4-hourly data for the last month,

● and day+night data for the past year.

Task 5: Estimate the communication requirements: how many MB of network traffic flow in every day, and how many MB flow out of the service every day because the new thermostats and their control app are available? Document the assumptions you need to make. [5 marks]

Task 6: Discuss the cloud processing and data storage options you would choose to deploy an implementation of the API to which the thermostats would submit their data. Document any assumptions you need to make. [10 marks]

Task 7: Estimate the monthly price of all the necessary cloud infrastructure (processing, data storage and communication) described in the questions 5 and 6, when 1 million thermostats are deployed. Additionally, calculate the monthly price per customer. Include your calculations and links to online sources of prices. Assume that all free-tier operations are used up so these are no longer an option. The customer-side costs (the thermostats and their connection to the internet) are excluded. [10 marks]

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