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The china’s uses of economic power in its relations with one or more third countries?

Subject: International Economics Relation

Question: The china’s uses of economic power in its relations with one or more third countries?

  • Case study of Nigeria and Kenya
  • China follows Mercantilism theory how and why?
  • Talk about one sides treaties signed by China and how this effects the


  • Define What international economic power is?
  • What is china intervention in Africa and are are the trend of Chinese activities.
  • Talk about two case study of Nigeria and Kenya into details and then move into analysis it.
  • Move on to talking about the theories Mercantilism, world system theory, Liberalism, Neo Marxist and critical perspectives
  • Finally, to conclusion to what the outcome is.


Write a 1,500 words concept paper for a research project that applies International economics relation (IER) theory to a real – world case study.

In this assignment, you will develop an idea for a research project based on some facet of global political economy. The topic will depend on your interests and should reflect something that would be interesting or useful to find out.

If you were putting together a proposal for a research project, you might use a concept paper in several ways. First, it would help you get your ideas organised, set the scope of your proposed project, identify weaknesses in logic, and plan your research methodology (at least in outline form). Second, you could show it to colleagues and get their feedback. Third, you might use it as a ‘preproposal’ and send it to a funding agency from whom you hope to obtain money. This would establish communication and give you a chance to convey your ideas. After reviewing your concept paper, the funding agency would be able to give you further advice about developing the project (or let you know if that agency would not be interested in funding that type of project).

This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice writing a concept paper.

Your paper will be 1500 words long. In a clear and concise fashion, it should cover the following:

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