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“The King`s Theatre in Glasgow has an exclusive business opportunity to partner with a company looking to engage a family audience and create brand awareness, plus other tailored partnerships


Branding People, Places and Spaces Assignment 2019/20

The Brief

“The King`s Theatre in Glasgow has an exclusive business opportunity to partner with a company looking to engage a family audience and create brand awareness, plus other tailored partnerships

With a history spanning over 50 years, the King’s Theatre pantomime is an iconic part of Christmas in Glasgow. Stars including Stanley Baxter, Gerard Kelly, Karen Dunbar, and Gavin Mitchell have all graced the stage to entertain families in classics titles such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White. Pantomime at the King’s is a festive tradition for many families in the city and beyond.

The run up to panto is the busiest period in the Theatre calendar. More than 80,000 customers come through the theatre’s doors during the 63 performances and so preparation is key.

The King’s Theatre has an exclusive business opportunity to partner with a company looking to engage a family audience, create brand awareness and join in the panto fun. This year’s Pantomime is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

This could involve:

-       Social media collaboration

-       Client and corporate hospitality

-       A staff discount to your teams

-       A chance to meet with the stars of the show, backstage tours

-       An exclusive brand mention in our script.

-       Opportunities to work with our audience

We are looking forward to creating something innovative with a business partner and are happy to work on new ideas. With an extensive audience reach and great business engagement, this is a great chance to work with the King’s Theatre through our most exciting time of year.”


You should (in groups of 4) act as the company who wish to partner with the King’s Theatre. You should take the position that your company is a branding agency who represents a real brand (e.g. Irn Bru) that you think would offer the most appropriate partnership with the King’s Theatre brand and the pantomime audience.

In your groups you should complete 2 interrelated assessments:

Type of





Live Pitch

15 minutes (group with individual



29 November 2019 (in class)


3,500-4000 words



13 December 2019

17.00 via turnitin

Part 1 - PITCH

Prepare a 15 minute pitch (with slides). This pitch will be delivered to lecturers from the university and should include your key findings from the project (40% of overall mark)

Assessment Criteria(and what each section should include)

Weighting (%)


Relevant background information provided about King’s Theatre, associated theatre brands, competitors, Glasgow’s pantomime history, customer base

Evidence of background reading, reference to academic theory and industry materials to support your discussion


Brand Partnership and Implementation

-       Clear justification of chosen brand partnership

-       Clear detailed implementation plan discussion (including innovative ideas for implementation)

-       Discussion around measurements and insights

-       Plan for crisis management included


Professionalism of group

Evidence of preparation and organisation as a group Quality of slides (and any other aids provided)


Individual presentation (each student will receive an individual mark for this)

Evidence of individual preparation and participation Delivery of presentation



A written group proposal 3,500-4000 words (excluding executive summary, references and appendices) worth (60% of overall mark)

Assessment Criteria

(and what each section should include)

Weighting (%)

Background Information

Prepare a background report on the King’s Theatre brand (and the associated brands within the organisation).

Consider country of origin effects and the benefits of the arts, theatre and pantomime to communities.

Competitor analysis (Brand image/identity, strengths and strategies, vulnerabilities)

Conduct a critical analysis of the existing King’s Theatre brand identity

Display an understanding of the current King’s Theatre ‘pantomime’ audience (trends, motivations, unmet needs, segmentation)


Brand Partnership information

Suggest relevant brand(s) for partnerships (justified by relevant academic theory and industry evidence).

Discussion of the benefits of co-branding and brand alliances/associations with the chosen brand

Discussion as to how this brand innovation can contribute to revitalising and refreshing the King’s Theatre brand



Provide a plan which includes indications of key activation points, publicity, social media activity, sponsorship opportunities, brand mention in script and other innovative ideas

Detailed discussion of how data, insights and measurement


can be used to measure the success of this partnership (including KPIs)

Costs and timescales

Plan for crisis management


Overall presentation of submitted work

Presentation of the final report (illustrated with images and presented in a professional, eyecatching way to industry standard)


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