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The project will be designed to simulate a real life scenario in the local area. You are expected to interact with the local authorities and practitioners in order to ascertain the relevant information to complete the tasks.

This paper revolves around construction project management in which you have to explain the deep aspects of the main theme in a multi-disciplinary project problem-solving context. Along with this, you have to focus on the following factors:

  • Distinguish, locate and recover the information about construction project management and implement it within a project situation.
  • Identifying the role of construction project management.
  • Usage of ICT and appropriate digital technology
  • Explain and analyse the significance of construction project management within multi-disciplinary situation.


Module Code                                           TIA1027

MODULE TITLE                                      Collaborative Project – Construction Project  Management  

Schools involved in delivery                 Art, Design and Architecture

Name of Course(s)                                 BSc(Hons) Construction Project Management

Learning Strategy

The module is delivered through a series of formal briefing sessions, guest lectures, workshops and tutorials in support of project based activity.

The project will be designed to simulate a real life scenario in the local area. You are expected to interact with the local authorities and practitioners in order to ascertain the relevant information to complete the tasks. Local practitioners will be invited to deliver guest lectures for different aspects of the project.  You will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that a number of Construction Project Management related tasks have been completed on an individual basis as well as the nature of your interactions with the other members of the team

This project also provides an opportunity for you to monitor and update your personal development plan (PDP) goals to be aligned with the multi-disciplinary team working environments.

Your independent learning will be supported by the University online learning environment (VLE).

Outline Syllabus

The following topics will be introduced in this module:

  • Role of the Construction Manager in the project team
  • Construction planning, Construction controlling activities and the impact of team interactivity (Schedules, manpower planning, equipment planning, quality planning, cost planning, layout and logistics planning, environmental and sustainability, health and safety planning, BIM/IT planning and control mechanisms)
  • Creation of key construction methods
  • Laws, regulations and contractual issues associated with Construction Project Management
  • Introduction to Lean Construction practices
  • Sustainable construction practices, whole life costing, value engineering and constructability concepts
  • Use of digital technologies for Construction Project Managers     
  • You will be presented with a composite project scenario which requires a number of tasks to be undertaken by Construction Project Managers and other disciplines included within the group
  • Personal development planning, for you at the start of a career as a Construction Manager

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:          

Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes

  1. Practice aspects of Construction Project Management based knowledge in a multi-disciplinary project problem solving context
  2. Identify, locate and retrieve information and data related to Construction Project Management practices and apply it appropriately within a multi-disciplinary project scenario
  3. Effectively recognise the Construction Project Manager’s role and appraise the role of other built environment disciplines within the context of multi disciplinary nature of construction projects.
  4. Use ICT and related digital technology to an appropriate standard

Ability Outcomes

Subject-based practical/professional skills:

  1. Work effectively with students from other built environment disciplines
  2. Reflect on the importance and the role of the Construction Manager within multi-disciplinary working environments in the built environment
  3. Communicate Construction Management specific ideas and concepts effectively and appropriately with other members of the multi-disciplinary team through the submission of a composite project submission and accompanying presentation
  4. Make written and oral presentations which are ethical, coherent, cogent and logically structured to a standard appropriate for a built environment professional

Assessment Strategy

Formative assessment

You will receive feedback on your portfolio of work/performance/oral presentations within the module on a regular basis through individual/group tutorials.

Summative Assessment

Assessment tasks (including assessment weightings)

Group project presentation (Learning outcomes G-H) (20%) – 2,000 word equivalent

A project portfolio correspondence and equivalent in scope to 8000 words (Learning outcomes A-H) (80%)

(Final component)

Produce the following with related to the given project brief as appropriate to contribute to the project portfolio.

  • Construction schedule
  • manpower plan,
  • equipment plan
  • quality control plan
  • layout and logistics plan
  • environmental and sustainability plan
  • health and safety plan
  • construction IT plan
  • construction methods and constructability analysis
  • Lean Construction plan
  • A brief report on the role of Construction Manager in a multi-disciplinary environment, and the role of professional bodies (RICS, CIOB)

Anonymous marking is not available for this module and work is not for tutor re-assessment

Assessment Criteria

a) The ability to undertake Construction Project Management specific tasks in a construction project.

b) The professional roles and responsibilities of the built environment professionals and its relationship with related professional bodies, such as RICS and CIOB.

c) The ability to work in a team and deliver the tasks as a team within the required timeframe.

d) The ability to communicate and present information in a professional and appropriate manner is demonstrated

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