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The psychological safety of the educational environment.

This dissertation focuses on the title of The psychological safety of the educational environment. The student is required to follow the given format and style adhering to APA style. Include citations and organize clear information with the total word limit of 7000 words.

The title of dissertation: The psychological safety of the educational environment.


Dissertation: Critical review information and guidelines

 Writing up your critical review. The word limit for the final dissertation is 7,000 words, excluding the abstract, references, and any appendices. Marks are deducted for exceeding the word limit according to the College regulations for all coursework. The recommended minimum is 6,000 words. Students should adopt the style and format of review articles in published journals (e.g., Psychological Bulletin). They need to organise material into clearly titled sections and sub-sections and adhere to APA style. No specific formal structure is required, but as a guide, systematic reviews usually include:

• Abstract: Summarise the aims, primary evaluations, and conclusions of the dissertation in 150-200 words.

 • Introduction: Present the aims and background of the dissertation. Describe the issue to be addressed, why it is important, how you will address it.

 • Main Body: Present your critical evaluation of the literature, preferably organised in sections with appropriate sub-headings. Build your argument reviewing relevant evidence, indicating sources.

• Conclusions: Relate the outcome of the work reviewed in the main body to the aims outlined in the introduction. Discuss implications for current theories or make recommendations for practical problems. Suggest what additional work may be done and why this is needed.

 Some perhaps useful general resources: http://endoexperience.com/documents/literature_reviews_researched.pdf Dissertations should be with numbered pages, and provide the title, student ID number, and the supervisor’s name on the first page. They should also include a reference list at the end and can include figures or tables providing overviews or summaries.

 Dissertations should not include the student’s name anywhere on the dissertation. Evidence of plagiarism will lead to severe penalties

1. The number of references list should be no less than 40-45 . The data of issue should not be early than 2014 .

2. Dissertation should be written in APA style.


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