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 The understanding of the current health challenges facing countries in both the developed and developing worlds(from the chosen topic)

Global Health: Priorities and Interventions (7232MED)

Assessment Task 3 – Global Health Report

“Future Challenges and Effective Responses of Global Health in the 21 Century”

Task Description:

Assessment Task 3 is an individual assessment. Students can consult/discuss with the course convener, colleagues and class mates. However, students are required to write their own essay. Specifically students are required to choose a public/population health issue/problem and to write an essay about the selected issue/problem with a global health perspective. Students are also required to comment on the content of the chosen issue/problem in relation to potential current/future challenges and any effective responses/strategy/policy to deal with the issues/problem within the global health context.

Assessment Tasks:

This is the individual assessment (contribute to 50% of the overall final marks for the course). Students will be assessed of the general knowledge of global health challenges and effective responsesin the 21 century such as:

 The understanding of the current health challenges facing countries in both the developed and developing worlds(from the chosen topic)

 The knowledge of principal of public Health and public health practice with a global perspectives

 The knowledge of principal of the ethical issue and human right concern in public health practice and research with the global health perspectives

 The understanding the potential challenges (in relation to the chosen topic) and recommend the appropriate responses to the challenges

Particularly, the essay should demonstrate student’s ability to:

 Conceptualise and identify a public health issues/problem from a defined country/countries/geographical areas

 Critically analyse current developments and issues with the select problems/issues  Identify potential strategies/method of investigation/examinations of these issue/problems

 Identify and evaluate the process used in responding effectively and in a timely manner to implement the most practical and appropriate strategies which address funding, cost effectiveness, quality service delivery

 Recommend process/protocol for the investigations/examination of these issue/problems

 Apply innovative approaches to service enhancement or service evaluation issues (where appropriated)

 Understanding and examine the health service manager role in leadership, organisational design, decision making and change management within the health care system

 Be aware of future challenges and trends in global health efforts to prepare for better approaches in dealing with the difficulty and constraints in global health

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