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To demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the determinants of health, and an understanding of their relevance to health and well-being.

BSc Nursing Introduction to Public Health

Summative Assignment Guidelines - September 2017 Cohort

Choose one key public health issue that affects an individual/family/population in your field of practice. Explore and discuss the determinants of the health issue and analyse any inequalities and policies that impact on the public health issue. Identify and discuss the role of the nurse both in assessing the public health needs and promoting the health and wellbeing of the chosen individual/family/population.

Module Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

To demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the determinants of health, and an understanding of their relevance to health and well-being.

Learning Outcome 2

Analyse and evaluate the impact of inequalities of health on individuals and populations using current epidemiological data and public health research.

Learning Outcome 3

Demonstrate and understanding and synthesize the impact of policies on public health and  healthcare access, and the structure, organization and delivery of  healthcare relevant to your chosen individual/family/population in your field of practice.

Learning Outcome 4

Develop knowledge to systematically assess the health needs of individuals, families and populations taking account of relevant epidemiological and research evidence.

Learning Outcome 5

Explore the role of the nurse in the promotion of health with individuals, families and populations

           Suggested   Essay Structure

1. Introduction (200 words approximately)

a. What? The introduction must begin by clearly explaining what the essay is about. This section needs to explain in your own words what the essay sets out to do, as identified in the brief outlined above.

b. How? This section of the introduction needs to outline how the essay will be structured. You will need to summarise the details given in points 2 and 3 below.

c. Why?  An introduction needs to articulate the significance of the topic to be discussed (this can include references to support).

2. Identify the public health issue related to your field of practice (300 words approximately) LO1

Identify a rationale for your chosen area with your field of nursing providing evidenced based literature to substantiate your choice. Examples could include sexual health, obesity, alcohol misuse, drug misuse etc.  Alternatively, you can choose a specific disease/condition such as CHD, HIV, and Dementia within your field, the focus must remain public health focused rather than on clinical features.

3. Discussion (1300 words)

a. Exploration of the size of the health problem (300 words approximately) (LO1) Discuss and explore who is most affected and why? Identify any trends in the area inclusive of incidences, prevalence etc.   Examine the impact of the health issue on the population – consider mortality, morbidity and quality of life.

b. Determinants of health (approximately 300 words) (LO1 & LO 2)   

Examine how your chosen public health issues are influenced by key determinants of health.  Identify 2-3 key determinants related to your area, and explore the potential impact on your chosen area of focus.  

c. Relevant health policies (approximately 300 words) (LO3)

Explore and discuss key policies introduced to tackle the chosen health issue?  Examine the impact of these policies, discussing the potential advantages/disadvantages of these policies related to your area.

d. Role of the nurse (approximately 400 words) (LO4)

Identify   the role of the nurse in identifying the health needs of individuals/families or population within your identified public health issue? Explore key health promotion approaches (2-3 in detail) the nurse can utilise when working to address your chosen public health issue.  Examine some of the challenges/benefits in relation to chosen health promotion approaches, and how the nurse could overcome these.

4. Conclusion (approximately 200 words)

a. Summary: Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from the essay inclusive of any overall analysis of learning related to the topic.

b. Recommendations: Make recommendations on what needs to be done in light of your findings and conclusions.

5. References: Include a full reference list of literature used throughout your work. Please refer to the Harvard Cite Them Right Referencing guidelines.

6. Appendices:  Appendices should include material that supports your work but that would be too long in the main essay text. Materials in the appendix must be relevant to the essay, and links and references between the appendix and essay need to be  in the main text.

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