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To encourage you to précis information from books and lectures.

Aims of Assessment

  • To encourage you to précis information from books and lectures.
  • To assess your knowledge in air quality and thermal impact on the built environment; and also energy conservation measures and encourage you to start preparing for your end of semester exam.
  • To assess your ability to evaluate the results.

Learning Outcomes

This piece of assessment will test your ability to meet learning outcomes a, b, c and d as described in your module booklet: -

  • Discover the variables in the built environment and human sensation.
  • Construct a consciousness in energy conservation.
  • Implement the design considerations on comfort, air quality and energy.
  • Apply the thermal load requirement and its energy implications for buildings

Assignment Details

1. A single storey office, located at 40oN latitude, has 3 internal walls. The only external wall/window is facing west. This office is air-conditioned 24 hours a day.

With the aids of Tables 1 to 6 and using the CLTD/SCL/CLF method, determine:

a. The zone types for “Glass solar”, “People & Equipment” and “Lights”;

b. The correction factor for CLTD;

c. The following cooling load components at 16:00 July:

(i) Solar load through glass;

(ii) Transmission load through the west window;

(iii) Transmission load through the west wall;

(iv) Lighting;

(v) People

3. Design a space air diffusion system for an office installed with a constant air volume system.

The following data are given: Floor dimensions: 40m x 30m Total volume flow rate: 4m3 /s Supply air outlets: 600mm x 600mm (face dimensions) diffuser Ceiling height: 2.5m Ceiling tiles: 1200mm x 600mm Size of the zone served by a ceiling diffuser: 7.5 m

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