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To examine health policy as it has evolved with the creation of the NHS.

Health Policy:


introduction to the MODULE                                                                      

This guide will take you thought the work that you will be required to do to pass your assessments for this module.  You will appreciated that the subject of health policy is in almost constant change and it is important that you understand the main themes of these NHS change and the reasons for them. The guide is dynamic and as policy leaders come to talk to you there will likely to be additional sources of policy material.  You are advised to keep in touch with the module site as source of up to date information.  There is also the Twitter feed on to the site. You will be expected to attend to the material to be prepared each week.  Perhaps not all the sources every week but you should, be able to spent time preparing for your seminars. There will be an electronic register in each room you attend and so make sure you “swipe” your student card on each occasion. 

The module will ensure that when you seek employment in the NHS and related service sectors you are up to date with health issues and concerns as well as organisational structures. Each week there will be a lecture and related seminar/ student activity.  Preparing for your seminar will enable you to understand the lecture better.



To examine health policy as it has evolved with the creation of the NHS.

To review current health policies and related these to need at the local level.

To evaluate the 2013 NHS reforms and their implementation.

To investigate health care outside the NHS



At the end of this module, students will be able to:



1.Identify the main features of the National Health Service.

2.Understand how health reforms have change local delivery of health care.


Thinking skills

3.Demonstrate a critical understanding of the NHS reforms

4.Critically evaluate the changes to the NHS at the local level.


Subject-based practical skills

5.Work with health policy leaders and innovators.

6.Review alternatives to traditional care delivery services.

7.Appreciate the role of health commissioners


Skills for life and work (general skills)

8.Carry out literature searches using on-line facilities.

9.Use the web for information gathering and communication



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