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Trade Shows provide the opportunity for a business to showcase their latest innovations, while generating new customers and networking with suppliers

BBS013-1 Assignment 001 – Project Management Theme


Practice Week Task: “Trade Shows provide the opportunity for a business to showcase their latest innovations, while generating new customers and networking with suppliers.”


Prepare an academic poster to present to a panel on the following topic:


Using an example of an IT Company based in Milton Keynes, UK, which provides software and technological solutions for warehouse automation and logistics, prepare a project proposal for the company to attend the London Technology and AI Trade Show in six months during the last week of August 2020.


You are a team of consultants preparing a proposal to pitch to the IT company for the right to run the project for them.


To be successful, you will need to consider all aspects of the event-management project and produce your poster in order to demonstrate the following:


An outline of your proposal


  • Why exhibit at the trade show
  • Demonstration of your understanding of managing an event
  • Provisions for demonstrating their technology innovations, which could be:
    • Software simulation for warehouse management
    • Demonstration of Warehouse Robots
    • Software simulations of tracking and routing solutions
    • Etc
  • How they will purchase space at the trade show
  • How they will get there
  • What materials will they need
  • Staffing requirements – typical stands can accommodate 2 people per day
  • An analysis of the benefits for the business of participating at a trade show
  • Financial analysis, such as costs, potential ROI (return on investment)
  • Stands start at £1500 per day (basic space for desk/electrics included)
  • Stands including space to demo simulations are £3000 per day
  • Please use researched and reasonable assumptions where appropriate


A project plan developed using project management principles:

  • Project Plan Milestones – what needs to be considered and how would a company prepare for exhibiting and a suggested budget
  • Define clear and achievable objectives (SMART)
  • Analysis of types of investment needed
  • Identify potential project stakeholders
  • Example WBS - Work breakdown structure
  • Gantt chart of the process a business would use to plan participation in a trade show

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