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UHRM3009 Understanding Human Resource Management

UHRM3009 Understanding Human Resource Management

Learning outcomes assessed:

At the end of a module students will be expected to be able to:

1. Identify the various forms of organisational structure, culture and management styles and to be able to give examples.

2. Describe the role of an HR department within the context of an organisation.

3. Demonstrate key activities managers undertake and the skills required when managing people within an organisation.

Assignment Questions


Chose ONE of these companies

Apple – Marks and Spencer – Google Write a report analysing the company structure. Use the questions below to help you to do this.

1. What is likely to be the organisational structure of your company (e.g. flat or tall), in your discussion include any changes to the structure during the history of the organisation and how does the current structure influence staff motivation? (200 words)

2. Using Charles Handy’s model of organisational culture, asses which type of culture would fit your company. How could this influence the type of people recruited to the organisation? (200 words)

3. Using the company you have chosen explain how the management style in the company you have chosen influences employee motivation (200 words)

4. Discuss the importance of training and development as a primary HR function for your company. Describe the way in which it is used in the company i.e training method (200 words)

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