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Understand the nature of organising and managing in a variety of contexts

Understanding the Context of L&D 5CLD

➢ The purpose of this unit is to enable learners to know, understand and analyse a range of factors which form the context of learning and development (L&D) practice. These factors include those internal and external to any given organisation which have an influence on L&D policy and practice

➢ By the end of the module you should be able to:

➢ Understand the nature of organising and managing in a variety of contexts

➢ Be able to analyse the key factors influencing achievement of strategic objectives in varying organisation contexts and their impact on L&D policies and practice.

➢ Understand how to develop L&D policies and activities to respond to and exploit the limitations and opportunities arising from varying contextual factors.

Support and Resources

Assessment Brief

➢ Found in the Assessment Centre Writing Your Assessment

➢ Submission and Word Count Guidance – Document found in Assessment Centre

➢ Harvard Referencing – Document found in Resources section of your course site

➢ Effective Report Writing – Document found in Resources section of your course site

Assessment and Unit Questions

➢ Contact your tutor via Connect and Communicate Suggested Reading

➢ Found in Unit Introduction

Summative Assessment Overview

One Summative Assessment required to complete to pass the unit Assessment 1 – Set of Slides & Policy document Number of Tasks – 2 Word Count – 3900 (+/- 10%)

Summative Assessment

Activity 1

You have been asked to prepare a slides presentation* lasting around 20 minutes on ‘The Context of L&D’. (wordcount 1950).

The presentation could be for new starters in your team or to other key stakeholders in your organisation. You should assume they will have less understanding of organisations and L&D than those with a longer experience of employment in an L&D role.

Activity 2

You are also required to draft an outline of a new L&D policy. In your draft, you should include: (wordcount 1950)

• The purpose and scope of the policy.

• Which practice areas will be covered under the policy.

• The process(es)to be adopted.

• Key stakeholders/people affected.

• Process for reviewing the policy

Detailed brief continues........

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