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Use relevant frameworks discussed during the module to identify and pursue an opportunity/challenge.

Group Assignment – Presentation & Report (up to 3,500 words) [50%]

Individual Assignment – Word Count 2000 Words [50%]



There are two components to the module assignment Group and Individual, each component is worth 50% of the total module mark.

In groups of up to five, you are required to utilise the knowledge and skills gained through this and previous modules to apply the skills of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ECI) to venture building (Business or Social Enterprise), wider socio-economic concerns or addressing a challenge within an organisation.

Individually, you are required to reflect on your learning, from your group task and where applicable from previous modules to discuss what it takes to be successful in implementing ECI in practice. This is to be done in light of the academic literature and examples of an entrepreneurial person of your own choosing. 

This will require you to:

  • Use relevant frameworks discussed during the module to identify and pursue an opportunity/challenge.
  • Identify and apply appropriate approaches to ‘Research’ the potential opportunity/challenge.
  • Critically evaluate the desirability, viability and feasibility of the solution and present your findings.
  • Analyse through critical reflection on what you have learnt about successful application of ECI, in light of the relevant academic literature and evaluation of a chosen ‘entrepreneur’.


Indicative Output

Learning Outcomes




Group Presentation & Report


The presentation will be up to 15 minutes followed by Q&A. (The exact nature of this will be discussed during the sessions and will depend upon the situation with the co-vid pandemic). It will be in the final week of term.

The report and presentation are complementary and contain your initial idea, research, evaluations, findings and group learning. The report can be in the form of a power-point or word document and 3,500 is a maximum, it should be concise and ‘business-like’.




  • Generate ideas for entrepreneurship and innovation

based on creative process.

  • Research and evaluate ideas.
  • Distinguish between ideas and opportunities.
  • Evaluate the validity of a potential opportunity.
  • Develop an action plan to pursue the opportunity.
  • Work in teams.
  • Effectively communicate ideas in writing and orally.







Individual Critical Reflection on Learning about ECI


This will be a discussion on your learning. In this you will incorporate discussion of the academic literature and examples from an ‘enterprising person’ of your own choosing.  Whereby you will triangulate between your experience & learning, the academic literature and the chosen ‘entrepreneur’ to reach your conclusions.  Which should conclude with areas for personal development.




  • Discuss the theoretical interpretations of ECI.
  • Analyse the inter-relationship between ECI.
  • Identify examples of various forms and contexts of ECI in practice.
  • Examine the approaches that inform the successful practice of ECI.
  • Assess the challenges faced in implementing ECI.
  • Reflect on learning and evaluate own skills and identify areas for personal development.






Assessment Criteria:

At the highest level there is no ‘perfect solution’.  However higher marks will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of depiction of idea/challenge being worked on
  • Level of understanding of ECI
  • Range, quality and scope of research
  • Effective analysis of original concept
  • Quality of reflective learning from the activity about successful ECI
  • Application of Theory to Practice and use of academic frameworks
  • Evidence of synthesis and clarity of discussion
  • Work is clearly organized, structured and presented in a cohesive style, with a logical flow
  • Appropriate use of tables, diagrams and referenced correctly.
  • Creativity in approach and presentation.

Please read the guidance on ‘Your assignment results and how to improve them’.  At the highest level it is imperative that you demonstrate a deeper insight of the subject through wider independent reading and authority over the subject matter.

Further detailed guidance explaining the terms above will be given throughout the course of the module.

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