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Using the scenario provided, discuss the earthworks, equipment and techniques



You have been asked to prepare a report that covers: key methods and techniques for earthworks and substructure activities; a safety plan with a risk assessment and method statements for a defined civil engineering activity; a civil engineering problem and its proposed solution; and a design proposal for a new infrastructure project. The solution of the identified and clearly defined problem in civil engineering should be explored firstly, through considering different potential solutions’ options that may be available. The construction and infrastructure project scenario provided below can be used as a Case study/Example for the whole scope of the work, or for the new work, the infrastructure project under consideration. This assignment has four sections in line with the four learning outcomes covered by all tasks provided : Scenario: (This is provided herein as a construction scenario covering all learning outcomes and may be utilised or applied to all stated tasks.)


Learners are to sketch the layout plan only of this practical Construction Project scenario and use and apply it where specified or needed as an example or case study especially in the consideration of specifications for construction materials, services and methods choices suggested

You have been appointed to prepare an initial conceptual design and implementation report on an Industrial complex (1km by 1km) near a couple of near parallel expressway highways 12km apart that both link the megacity of London to an international airport in the outskirts of London, Heathrow to be specific. The site of this complex is separated from one of the express highways by a large fast flowing River that flows parallel to these highways and finally finds its way into the River Thames .This River which is about 20m wide lies in the middle (that is midway) of the 4 kilometre land space between the chosen Industrial complex site and one of the two expressways.

The Client who is a private investor needs ten (10) industrial building(s) and factories manufacturing baby foods, soaps, perfumes amongst several other commodities. This site is proposed together with some inter-connecting Infrastructure to the alternative highway on the other side of the site 6 km away, which is not only necessary but required as a key element of the project; the factories buildings are made of both steel, concrete and other materials (to be specified). These industry and factory buildings are provided as key structures of high specification that are intended to be built for the long

term duration in this part of south of England, around the Heathrow Airport. The Industrial complex can be developed with steel or concrete or alternatives or a combination. The access interconnecting infrastructure roads to both highways can be flexible or rigid and the bridge across the stream and the walkway across the highways can be made of either RC concrete or steel, all in line with your choices for the project.

PART  1  - Formulate a project that will provide a solution to an identified problem

(a). Using the scenario provided, discuss the earthworks, equipment and techniques

(b). For the scenario above or otherwise describe the methods that used to create complex foundations, piling works and drainage works.

(c) . The scenario above is likely to include culverts and underpasses in the design of the complex infrastructure. Describe methods and techniques used in culvert and underpass construction including the provision for some utilities to be named.

(d) Assuming that some of the structures such as office blocks in the industrial park in the scenario above has deep basements, analyse methods and techniques utilized in large and complex earth moving operations and deep excavations..

(e) Evaluate methods and techniques used in dealing ground and slope stability for slopes found to be unstable in the vicinity of the industrial park area.

Manage a project within agreed timescales and specification, documenting the process throughout.

PART  2- Manage a project within agreed timescales and specification, documenting the process throughout.

(a) For the construction options of the industrial park above, identify the hazards, risks and safety arrangements, working in confined spaces, working on structures including tall ones and for working within any temporary works that may be included in the interconnecting highways and local infrastructure.

(b) For the scenario above or otherwise, develop and present a safety plan, risk assessments and method statements for a given civil engineering activity to be identified.

(c) In general, discuss health and safety legislation and codes of practice related to civil engineering sites such as provided in the scenario above.

(d) Justify a site safety plan, risk assessments and method statements report for identified activities related to a the scenario project above.

PART 3 Evaluate potential Project Management Solutions

 (a) Explore and evaluate the environmental, quality, geotechnical and economic contests of a civil engineering problem to be chosen amongst several identified problems to be identified and propose and explore a viable solution to this problem, justifying the selection of specific engineering features in the development of the solution. (b) Develop a proposal that states how the environmental, geotechnical, quality and economic contexts of the problem identified in (a) are addressed.

PART  4- Produce a project report and deliver a presentation of the final project outcome

(a)With the scenario above describe methods and techniques used in highway design and develop a proposal for the new infrastructure access for the project.

(b) Using the scenario above, analyse methods and techniques used to create bridge foundations and flexible highway construction foundations stating the key criteria needed, including key geotechnical parameters to be identified.

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