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What are the benefits of Team Working?


Of the following topics write an essay of no more than 1,000 words that discusses the ideas:

TOPIC A: Write two Benefits

What are the benefits of Team Working?

- What are the benefits of team working?

- Why is it advantageous to work in a team?

- Illustrate your arguments with researched examples

- Who benefits? E.g. organizations, staff or managers etc.

Your work should follow a standard essay structure. It must include:

  1. 1.       A brief introduction
  2. 2.      Body paragraphs:

2.1  -1 Paragraph- 1 Benefit

 Explain the benefit analysis; A real example of Business

2.2  -1 Paragraph- 1 Benefit

Explain the benefit analysis; A real example of Business

        2.3-1 Paragraph- How This benefits influence company or staff or managers

 Referenced source material to support your arguments

  1. 3.       A conclusion with predicted in the future evidence.
  2. 4.      A reference list

• An appendix that includes your PowerPoint slides for the individual section

of the original presentation plus your own individual reference list.

The core learning aims of this assessment are:

• Knowledge and understanding of relevant research in order to understand

and apply theories relating to group work in professional settings. (100%)

Knowledge and Understanding: 0-100 marks

Marks will be awarded for the overall quality of the content presented. Marks will

be allocated in terms of:

• Complexity

• Analysis

• Research

• References

• Visuals (Slides)

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