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What are the foreign aid support for women empowerment/gender equality in South Sudan?


Question to be answered: What are the foreign aid support for women empowerment/gender equality in South Sudan?

  1. A brief introduction on what the chapter will comprise of.
  2. South Sudan context i.e. geographical information, population, boarders,
  3. Social-economic situation (If possible also include the graph on the human development index, gender development index)
  4. Current situation of gender equality/women empowerment in S.S- This should be categorized in terms of education, health, political participation and economic status.
  5. S.S obligation on women empowerment (Country aid policies-Development plan, Gender Policies-National gender policy and respective roles of the international actors). How the policies have shaped the country’s initiative in empowering women…and the role of different actors in ensuring women are empowered.
  6. Women empowerment foreign aid trends in S.S (data from Word Bank, United Nations (UN), Creditor reporting system (CRS), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Statistics in form of tables or graphs on ‘’women empowerment foreign aid trends in South Sudan’’.
  7. Examining microfinance as one of the economic empowerment mechanism for women empowerment particularly in S.S. (Supported with statistics in form of table or graph) Reliable sources such as UNDP, BRAC South Sudan, UN-Women, South Sudan Microfinance Development Facility and other relative working partners.

Other requirements:

  • Referencing should be consistent and avoid long paragraph without close citations.
  • All in text reference should include page numbers.
  • Harvard style.
  • Statistics (tables or graphs) should be included.
What are the foreign aid support for women empowerment/gender equality in South Sudan?

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